Blogger’s unicorn-stimulated rainbow apartment video

Blogger Amina Mucciolo has taken her love of all matters “whimsical, pastel, and sparkly” and transformed her 60 square meter downtown Los Angeles loft into a technicolor, unicorn-inspired dreamland.

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In a recent YouTube video, Mucciolo explained that her idea to transform the space, called Cloud Land, started with the intense pink DIY flower wall that hangs in her living room.

Barring multiple anomalies, none of the founders of the world’s maximum a hit start-united state have long gone on to correctly run a 2d consumer unicorn. Evan Williams (Blogger & Twitter) and Elon Musk (PayPal & Tesla) managed to reap the seemingly impossible. But the other founders of PayPal have needed to be glad about senior positions in B2B organizations. Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook, has gone directly to run Asana – a success however now not in the consumer area.

Clearly then, you handiest have one shot at strolling a consumer unicorn. To make the most of that shot you should have a sturdy team with domain expertise, a exquisite product and a noticeably strong marketplace like some other a success startup. But you furthermore might have a few sort of intangible, spiritual pressure to that propels you to the top of the wave you are driving, crushing the competition underneath you. Only a few make it and buyers these days, are slowly understanding the huge danger involved in making an investment in those client technology start-ups.


“There is a trend away from client unicorns and valuations,” Andreas Liffgarden, Soundtrack Your Brand’s chairman and co-founder, informed newswires lately. Soundtrack Your Brand is trying to increase USD 11 million to again its customized track-playlists for large groups like McDonald’s and Starbucks. According to Soundtrack Your Brand, organizations pay 5 times the quantity customers are willing to pay for music, accordingly making the commercial enterprise extra solid and investable.

The Indian investor marketplace is slowly however genuinely starting to realize this. B2B startups recorded 71 offers in from January to April of this 12 months, up from forty-four in the same period ultimate year. There are some awesome advantages of a B2B enterprise that buyers are beginning to take note of. Customer loyalty is extra in a B2B business on the grounds that corporations are shrunk to the startup dealer through agreements for long periods of time. This manner decrease acquisition prices and long-lasting patron members of the family. In B2B trade, corporations generally generally tend to buy large amounts of extra highly-priced products thus growing the common transactional fee and consequently revenue.

Today, fifty-nine% of startups in India are inside the B2C area, 37% are within the B2B area whereas the final 4% are a mixture of B2B and B2C.The B2B numbers, however, are predicted to grow as a Walmart file indicated that India’s B2B e-commerce enterprise will grow to $seven-hundred billion via 2020. Contrastingly, the B2C startups have suffered massive losses inside the latest past. We have tales of PepperTap – hyperlocal transport app – shutting down its operations in a couple of cities; splendor begin-up Amber Wellness started out by way of former founder of Housing.Com – Abhimanyu Dhamija – shutting down operations because of low margins. Growers scaled down operations in January and are now reporting losses of 24 lakhs an afternoon; Food Panda laid off extra than 300 employees at the quiet of the ultimate year; Tiny Owl laid off a hundred employees and shut down its operations in all cities except Mumbai.

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