NC man with ties to ISIS sentenced to life in prison

ASHEVILLE, NC (FOX forty-six WJZY) – A Morganton, NC guy accused of assisting ISIS will spend the rest of his existence in jail. Justin Sullivan, 21, became sentenced to lifestyles imprisonment Tuesday in a federal courtroom for making plans for murderous assault with the help of ISIS. During his sentencing, Sullivan instructed the court that he is “not an awful character” and that “matters simply happened.” According to investigators, Sullivan, who changed into nevertheless a teenager at the time of his arrest, became planning to buy an attack rifle from a nearby gun display and slaughter at least 1,000 human beings for the duration of a concert in Charlotte. He pleaded responsible for attempting to dedicate an act of terrorism transcending country-wide boundaries on Nov. 29, 2016.

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Court files state that starting no later than September 2014, Sullivan sought out and downloaded violent ISIS assaults on the Internet, which includes beheadings, and accrued them on his PC. Court information suggests that he overtly expressed help for ISIS in his home and destroyed religious objects that belonged to his dad and mom.


As Sullivan formerly admitted in plea related files filed with the court docket and at his plea hearing, starting no later than June 7, 2015, Sullivan conspired with Junaid Hussain, an ISIS member answerable for online recruitment and presenting guidelines and thought for terrorist plots in Western countries, to plot mass shooting attacks in North Carolina and Virginia. The Department of Justice says that Sullivan became speaking with a spy and advised the agent that he deliberate “minor assassinations to get geared up for the predominant attack.”

“Sullivan become actively planning the mass killing of harmless human beings with an assault designed to inflict most casualties and most ache in the name of ISIS, a sworn enemy of our state. Sullivan’s allegiance to ISIS did no longer forestall there. He additionally planned to movie and ship a video of his lethal assault to now-deceased Junaid Hussain, a distinguished ISIS member based totally in Syria. Similarly, He expressed his desire to create a brand new department of the Islamic State in the United States. The life sentence imposed on Sullivan displays the seriousness of his crimes, protects the public from the danger he poses, and serves as a deterrent to others who wish to damage civilians within our borders. Our fight towards terrorism continues whether towards people who devote crimes on behalf of ISIS or any other foreign terrorist agency,” stated U.S. Attorney Rose.

Court files imply that Sullivan advised the spy via social media that it was better to stay within the U.S. To guide ISIS than to journey. Sullivan counseled that the agent achieved weapons and instructed the agent that he became making plans to buy a semi-computerized AR-15 rifle at an upcoming gun display in Hickory, North Carolina. On or about June 20, 2015, Sullivan tried to buy hollow factor ammunition to be used with the weapon(s) he meant to buy.

According to courtroom data, Sullivan had researched on the Internet how to manufacture firearm silencers and asked the UCE to construct practical silencers that they may use to perform the planned attacks. Court statistics display that Sullivan advised the UCE he planned to carry out his assault in the next few days at a live performance, bar or club, in which he believed as many as 1,000 humans might be killed the usage of the attack rifle and silencer.

Filed files indicate that over the route of Sullivan’s communications with Junaid Hussain, Hussain had asked Sullivan to make a video of his deliberate terrorist attack, to which Sullivan had agreed. On or approximately June 19, 2015, the silencer, which changed into built according to Sullivan’s commands, turned into introduced to him at his home in North Carolina, wherein Sullivan’s mother opened the bundle. Sullivan took the silencer from his mother and concealed it in a move slowly area underneath his house. When Sullivan’s dad and mom questioned him about the silencer, Sullivan, offered to compensate the UCE for killing them believing that his parents could intervene with his plans to carry out an attack,

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