Shopping For Cheap Bongs With My Friend

Yes I realize it doesn’t sound like a super special or amazing way to spend a day, but hear me out. Depending on how young you were when you got into the world of cannabis, for better or for worse, you may know what I’m talking about when I mention the ‘glory days’. They’re different for everyone, but at the same time all too similar. Nothing compares to those carefree high school days when you could afford to crawl around the city spending hundreds on cheap bongs and pipes, and way too many accessories like hemp wick, fancy electric lighters, and God knows what other useless novelties.

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As you grow older and have to face the world as an adult and do all the fun things adults do like pay rent, and work a lot, and shop for your own food, those good old days become more and more attractive in your memories. When facing this adult reality, it becomes increasingly obvious that smoking ounces away every week like you used to when you were young is just not possible, and if the thought of that worries you because you have a bit of an addiction to the herb (which is a very real thing contrary to popular belief), then hopefully this article can give you a bit more hope.

It’s easy to burn through an ounce in a week when you’re a teenager because you don’t have any responsibilities and you’re being freely supported by your parents. Depending on the things you go through and the way in which you use cannabis in those years, it’s possible you become psychologically addicted in some ways to pot, and you might find yourself spending a bit too much on it one day, or needing it to get through your day. Luckily, addiction is often heavily tied to your environment, so if you can put yourself in an environment where you support yourself by pursuing your own personal goals and ambitions, and you live a life as a good person, you just might find that you don’t need the mary-jane the way you used to need it. Those days of shopping for cheap bongs were fun and all, but there are better things to aspire to and the sooner you get on track to pursue those things, the sooner you’ll break free from your abuse of the lovely green plant.

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