Software Error Delays Torrington Woman’s Refund

Bonnie Dougal purchased a portable crucial oil diffuser for her vehicle, plus several vials of oil and filters, from online retailer Live Yoga Strong. She contacted the retailer after the diffuser stopped operating and turned into issued a substitute. Bonnie requested a complete refund when the second diffuser became out to be faulty as properly.

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Live Yoga Strong issued the refund and told her to assume a credit within five to 10 days, but the funds did no longer appear in her account. Bonnie contacted the enterprise and was advised the refund had been correctly issued.

After NBC Connecticut Responds reached out, Live Yoga Strong’s founder checked their structures and observed software errors had prevented the refund from being processed. They corrected the error, reissued the overall $59 refund manually, and apologized for the confusion.

San Antonio—Transferring facts amongst software program applications is becoming increasingly more important as greater companies use merchandise inclusive of Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) and Hubspot (NYSE: HUBS), advertising and marketing, and sales statistics collectors that don’t necessarily combine facts from distinct resources easily.


Companies that assist groups in transferring data between software program packages, software application interfaces, and, on occasion, more superior machine getting to know techniques are getting greater every day to satisfy demand from businesses. Research firm Gartner says that groups providing information integration software recorded $414 million in revenue in 2015, a fifty-five percent boom over the preceding 12 months, as a way to retain as demand for cloud-based applications increases. (The wonky industry time period for the phase is an integration platform as a service or iPaaS.)

Globalscape (NYSE MKT: GSB), a San Antonio enterprise that has built a software enterprise around helping clients securely switch and direct large amounts of statistics over PC networks, is joining the crowded marketplace for shifting statistics among software program services. There are plenty of other corporations providing services, from small ones like Mountain View, CA-based Zapier, which makes a specialty of automating obligations completed with the aid of net apps, to large equipment made through San Mateo, CA-primarily based SnapLogic, which integrates its consumer’s facts across numerous software program programs and apps, just like Globalscape’s new product. Large groups, including Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Oracle (NYSE: ORCL, and Informatica, all have comparable merchandise.

So why is Globalscape launching into this crowded area with its new product, Kinetix? The employer’s pitch is that it believes its software program is higher designed for cloud-based totally equipment than the bigger groups, like Microsoft and Informatica, says Peter Merkulov, a vice chairman at Globalscape. The software is likewise designed with security in thoughts, Merkulov says, particularly essential for users in fields where there may be heavy law, such as healthcare. (The different massive carriers of direction additionally pitch their security talents.)

Globalscape also says it has a richer platform than some of the smaller companies, together with the potential to designate where subsets of information must be sent from one software platform (fee info acquired thru an online ordering device, for example) to a 2d one (along with an income application with records approximately previous purchases), Merkulov says.

The flow is in part an attempt to acquire revenue off of cloud-based totally software via Globalscape, which received most of the people of its $33.Three million of 2016 revenue from its legacy enterprise centered on shifting records over fixed networks and servers. More groups are using cloud-based structures for their operations, and Globalscape says in regulatory filings that it’s miles increasing its way of delivering its data switch products to customers, including via providing its services over the cloud as opposed to simplest via constant infrastructure.

Kinetix is one more addition to Globalscape’s exploration of the evolving cloud market, which the company says no longer accounts for a fabric a part of its revenues. Merkulov says he believes that businesses will continue the usage of his organization’s traditional document-switch offerings because human beings will retain to create records that need to be transferred, both on physical servers. He contends that humans are also developing facts within the cloud, which might also need to be transferred, handiest adds to the business.

“We have visible the growth of the cloud picking up more and the last couple years, and this has often been additive,” Merkulov says. “If you’re moving a pair thousand files an hour, you have a few thousand users, and you have strict compliance necessities, that’s in which systems like ours are constantly going to be in the call for.”

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