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Camilo is the belongs to Madrigal family. He is the middle child of Pepa and Felix. Camilo is Dolores’s younger brother and Antonio’s older brother. Camilo is cousins with Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, as well as Julieta’s grandchildren, Bruno and Agustin. He’s Mirabel’s eldest cousin and is about the same Age as her, having started kindergarten together when they were just a few months old.

Camilo received the gift of Transfiguration on his Fifth birthday night and subsequently left the nursery to move into his room. Camilo enjoys using his shapeshifting ability to make fun of his loved ones (particularly his father and Isabela) or look after the village’s children and babies.

Camilo appears to have the fewest responsibilities that Abuela Alma imposes, owing to her worthless gift to society. Camilo faces the same pressure and insecurities, the same as the other members of his family. His worries are hidden behind a pleasant face, and he is described as someone who “still doesn’t fully know who he is,” implying that he has identity issues.

His sisters and brothers knew Uncle Bruno, but Camilo grew up knowing nothing about him and only heard some rumors from his relatives. Bruno disappeared when Camilo was only five years old.

Development Of Camilo’s Character

Like the Madrigal family, Camilo was created to represent “directly related familial archetypes.” He was built to be “an adolescent who doesn’t know who he is and is trying on several characters,” according to the studio.

Camilo was initially envisioned as an “angry teenager” with a villain similar to Isabela, an arrogant and unpleasant demeanor, as opposed to the laid-back and amicable Camilo, during the development process.

The final section is terrific. Camilo’s clothes must have chameleon motifs, and he must preserve the salamander and his black sandals. To convey a sour attitude through the eyes, Camilo’s clothing hasn’t changed, which has reflected his transition since the beginning.

Camilo’s Personality

Camilo – Series Encanto 1

Camilo was a fun, engaging, and enthusiastic young guy who was described as a “theatre kid” and a natural performer. He is more extroverted than his quiet sister and meek younger brother. He enjoys the limelight and has a sense of humor predisposed to dramatic gestures. He adores eating, particularly Aunt Julieta’s food. It’s a big family. Camilo loves sports such as football, which he mostly prefers playing with Casita or his friends in town.

Camilo liked to tease Isabela, probably the most in the whole family.

Camilo would turn into another man to annoy her and tease her about the engagement with Mariano Guzman. Another person Camilo enjoys teasing and mocking is his father, Felix, as seen before Antonio’s ceremony when he transforms into him and humorously repeats his father’s words.

Camilo has a bright and playful exterior, but he is always empathetic, gentle, careful, and sweet towards his family.

Camilo, like Mirabel, has a natural affinity for children and newborns. He frequently uses his talent to play with and care for them as part of her responsibilities to the town. Camilo loves his mother, unlike how he taunts his father.

Like many of his family members, Camilo is under pressure and has vulnerabilities. Camilo was visibly uncomfortable and grasping his head in horror when the secret of Bruno’s visions and Casita’s impending destruction was disclosed. Camilo sarcastically pointed out that the family had lost their home after being saddened by the loss of Casa Madrigal and protested that he was not allowed to tell the truth as he pointed to the wreckage of the house with a neutral look.

Camilo’s physical appearance and Age

Camilo is a Colombian boy. He’s 15 years old and has a slender body, pale yellow skin, curly dark brown hair, light green eyes, freckles on his nose and cheeks, and dark eyelids. Camilo’s features and facial expressions are pretty like Pedro’s, as well as inheriting most of his attire, despite their skin tone, face structure, and hair variations. Of all the grandchildren, Camilo looks the most like Abuelo Pedro.

Camilo wears a long-sleeved white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the collar open with mismatched buttons, and the rest is undone and loose, just like her late grandfather. Except for the section that is tucked inside the pants on the right. He also sports a yellow iguana with darker yellow streaks, pants, and white-print black sandals. Camilo’s outfits have chameleon elements.

Camilo’s Powers

Camilo – Series Encanto 2

Camilo can shift shape and assume the appearance of any live person he has ever seen. When he changes shape, his clothes adjust to fit the garments of the person who has the same form as him. He’s a master at manipulating his shapeshifting talents. It is simple to turn into other persons while caring for a woman’s baby. On the contrary, Camilo can shapeshift any part of his body and change the size of his form. He can adapt to exaggerated circumstances.

Stress, stress, and pain will force him to shapeshift spontaneously and erratically. Camilo swiftly morphs into Mirabel and Bruno when scared by Bruno’s vision, with his lips becoming crooked and his eyes protruding and staring away from each other. When he is scared, his head transforms into an infant on top of his adolescent body, and his arms shrink and become tiny.


Camilo’s voice actor, Rhenzy Feliz, described his character as crazy, dramatic, full of energy, and fun, plus a born entertainer. He is an entertainer. He seems to want to make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves. As a result, he’s attempting to attract that attention. He’s having a great time, yet he still cares about his family.

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