Cryptocurrency has been a highly sought-after digital asset that’s grown in value and popularity over the years. While many everyday people have invested into it, more institutional investors have begun to see the true potential that cryptocurrency has to offer. This has had a direct correlation to the prices and overall values that crypto funds are worth. With companies like Morgan Stanley and Goldman-Sachs showing an interest in the crypto market, it’s no wonder that values are continually changing and overall demand is at an all-time high.

9 Reasons the Crypto Market Is Down

Investors Overcoming Previous Barriers

Several years ago, many institutional shareholders were unable to enter the bitcoin and related markets because of its volatile nature and because there were several barriers put into place to prevent infrastructure trading. However, in recent times, these investors have essentially found a way around these particular barriers in the form of a derivative market, which is still considered to be in its early stages. Because there are multiple advanced trading platforms available, it’s easier than ever for these companies to begin investing. These venture capitalists have been able to get their foot into the crypto market without actually possessing the asset and having to deal with fees that are related to both storage and security.

Will a Price Increase Occur?

Since 2018, cryptocurrency has gained popularity and has risen in value, supported by the amount of people using this particular asset. Because of this, it’s estimated that the price of crypto will go up over the course of the next few years. Retailers, banks and other investors are playing a big role in shaping the overall perception of the market. Cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, are no longer seen as something that’s mysterious and only used by highly-tech savvy people.

As with all other types of financial markets, an overall inflation of investments will typically lead to price increases, and the rarer the asset is, the more it is going to be worth. Because institutional investment is still considered to be in its early stages, you shouldn’t expect to see an enormous increase in asset value just yet. These investors are currently using different tools to monitor market trends in order to maximize their gains, so they’re not ready to fully commit just yet. However, because more and more people are beginning to use assets like bitcoin to make purchases, it’s starting to become a mainstream option for many.

How are Exchanges Supporting These Institutions?

Forex brokers have made crypto more accessible, which is allowing for the on boarding of a variety of institutional investors and retailers. These exchanges offer different features that protect larger transactions while offering lower, more affordable rates. By eliminating the barriers once faced by both banks and retailers, these exchanges are more attractive to investors and easier for them to use. This new asset class will be an incredibly advantageous shareholding decision for institutions all over the world. More banks and retailers are realizing just how popular cryptocurrency has become and how it is being used by people all over the world for various purchases.