All your life-long effort in planning, organising, saving and budgeting to construct your dream house might go in vain if you fail to find a contractor who is not only sufficiently skillful and experienced in home renovation but also has a great knowledge about the best products to compliment his craft.

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Hiring an experienced contactor is important to turn your dream home into reality. A skillful contractor also brings along with himself a crew of expert subcontractors and workers, which almost guarantees a satisfactory result and lessens the chance of any accidents or unfavourable experiences.

Choosing which contractor to hire can be a challenging task. How to deal with him to ensure he does his work with efficiency is a whole other thing. With our useful tips on hiring and working with a contractor, however, you will get an insight about what exactly to look for in a contractor and how to work with them. Check out our tips below and make sure you note them down:


A contractor will ultimately be responsible for the fate of your house, so do not take a chance when it comes to choosing a contractor. Do not put the job of renovating your house in the hands of anyone. Do adequate research before hiring someone.

You can ask for referrals and recommendations from people near you who might have got the work done at their respective homes as WELL. Once you do get a few suggestions, shortlist the best ones.

The research does not end here. You also need to ‘quality-check’ your shortlisted candidates to see if they have the right credentials to qualify. Verify your potential contractor’s credentials by making sure they are properly licensed for residential jobs.


Try to allot an extra twenty percent to your fund under the category of ‘emergency fund’. Do not let your contractor know about this as contractors tend to cover all the money within the budget allotted and scarcely leave anything to save.


Jot down all the necessary details about the project. From the overall plan and the way your contractor wishes to execute it to the materials required, the date of commencement of the project and its estimated time of completion, write it all down. Make an attorney review it, to add more security against any future troubles. Also, note down any changes in plan as they occur to not lose track of anything.


To avoid getting cheated on for cheap materials, accompany your contractor while he goes shopping for supplies. It is always better to go to the store and get the exactly the kind of material that you want than to rely on your contractor and get disheartened by the quality of the products later. Better be safe than sorry.


Do not make a bulk payment to your contractor. It is wise to break the payment down in subsequent installments, to be paid at regular intervals than to make an advance bulk pay. This way, you can keep a check on the quality of work being done.


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