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Visit the technological archipelago in Singapore

One of the opportunities you can’t miss is to visit Singapore’s technological archipelago.

Considered one of the most competitive countries in the world, Singapore focused on making infrastructure and technology the axis of its development to provide a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

Building this new space took the country approximately thirty years of effort and perseverance to become a highly competitive nation that plans for its future and has a purely technological focus.

To achieve what they wanted to accomplish, six master plans were developed, betting on technology and infrastructure to provide better and more efficient services to every citizen. This, in turn, included a series of stages that allowed the final objective to be achieved.

Archipelago Condo Details - Bedok Reservoir Road in Bedok / Upper East Coast (D16) | SRX

The first stage included a computerization program. Then, it began to modernize and automate various state processes, from tax and customs administration to educational administration in schools and polytechnics; and it transformed everything concerning health and public transportation using technology. That is why, as a tourist destination, it can be considered a paradise for lovers of technology and innovation.

At the governmental level, it was clear that technology could help them offer better services and thus contribute to the economy. But they also knew that infrastructure and the right platforms would motivate entrepreneurs to create new businesses that would attract foreign tourists to the country and increase its economy.

For Tan Lark Yang, director of IDA International Group, Singapore seeks to be an innovative and sustainable nation that differentiates itself from other countries by making it attractive for tourism and private investment abroad. It aims to combine a vision of policy, people, and technology to enhance national capabilities.

It is optimal for the country if technology and innovation can be used to make it grow and turn it into a tourism powerhouse that attracts new tourism markets.

If you want to travel to Singapore to learn more about this country and its technological destinations, we recommend you plan and do more research. But for this, you must also determine if you need a travel document, such as the Singapore e-visa.

Foreign travelers usually have to apply for an e-visa. This document is valid for 63 days after being issued and allows multiple entries. Visitors can stay in Singapore for up to 15 days per entry. This visa is mandatory for some nationalities worldwide.

All this information can be obtained by contacting the experts at iVisa, a company dedicated to advising and processing all travel documents. You will be able to get them as they have all the information you need and can help you; they also have a document checker that will tell you precisely what your travel needs are based on your nationality.

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