From a seek engine factor of view, the right webpage has no photographs, no scripting, no tables…And so on however simply quite a few everyday, undeniable readable text. You can just take it that plain textual content is the meals for search engine spiders. Therefore, the more textual content you have got, the more you will preserve the spiders happy. However, from the layout point of view, such pages are very uninteresting however the fact is that everybody is extra inquisitive about retaining the spiders instead of us glad. The argument is if search engine spiders can’t find your web page, nobody will. Based on this philosophy, we witnessed the fall of flash and websites with robust pics over time. Many websites that applied heavy pics in which now not discovered. Web builders grow to be glad due to the fact they have an excuse to create less superb websites.

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The question is are we able to make each the search engine spiders and us glad? The solution is sincerely a “Yes” supplied that net designers can follow sure regulations when designing internet pages. They want to step out in their comfort quarter and learn about greater about new web technologies.

When writing the identity, try now not to write down more than eight phrases. There are not any hard and rapid guidelines on that, however, the fact is that more does not imply suitably. In reality, the more you write, the extra your keyword density can dwindle. If you keep repeating the identical key-word in the title, search engines like google will see your site as junk mail and you will be lifeless right away. For instance, a title like “Sitecritic Web Reviews” is a whole lot higher than “Sitecritic Web Reviews, Internet Marketing, Web Design Ideas, Internet Directories, Budget Web Hosting, Melbourne”. I will have to stress again, do not fool around together with your name.


After the name tag is the meta description tag. Many humans argued that meta description is now not crucial. Based on my enjoyment, they’re still relevant in search engine optimization rankings particularly in case your website is new. The precept in writing the meta description tag is the same as they identify. The simplest distinction is that you want to explain a bit more approximately the services which you provide in a friendlier format. You may also want to encompass your key phrases within the meta description.

Menu, Content, and Links

You ought to now not use any javascript menus that hid the URLs. Many javascript menus are fancy however virtually now not search engine marketing friendly. Whatever approach you are the use of to create the menus, ensure that the “a href” tag is visible. You may want to consist of a version of the key phrases in the menus, hyperlinks or textual content. Like the previous example, if your key-word is “Web Site Reviews”, you might not need to use the same phrase over and over once more. You can vary it by using the usage of “Professional Web Reviews, Reviews of Websites, Site Reviews…Etc”. Varying the keywords makes your content material greater exciting and is ideal for search engine marketing as properly.

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When writing the contents, attempt to put the key phrases in unique areas of the report. Use tags like “b” or “h2” to make the key phrases stand out. Avoid URLs that say “click on here” or “view”. Though frequently used, they’re not beneficial for search engine marketing functions.

Text links are stronger than image hyperlinks. It is therefore not recommended to apply pix as the principle navigation menu throughout the website. If you would like to compose photographs within the consumer navigation revel in, you may want to bear in mind separating the text from the pictures. This may be completed effortlessly the usage of CSS or the historical past photo choice within the table or to tag.


Unlike many Search Engine Experts, I strongly inspire the usage of graphics because I am ardor about Web Design and is unhappy to look such a lot of websites which might be properly optimized for engines like google however appearance crap on the screen. You need to balance between the number of photos used and downloading pace. Like I mentioned earlier than, if your header banner or critical images carry textual content, you could split up the textual content and use the snapshots as a separate background or floating layer. That way, you could make the photograph length smaller and also make the textual content visible to the search engines like google and yahoo. Transparent gifs are very useful for laying over different content or snapshots. Appropriate use of jpegs and gifs can also cut down loading time via a lot.

CSS Technology

CSS lets you cut down your tag and gives more room for the spiders to read your content material. The problem with CSS is that it isn’t as uncomplicated as tables. At the instant, CSS is likewise inconsistent in special browsers, so before you publish your web web page, you want to test the format in one of a kind browsers. I am in reality now not against designers the use of tables especially in the event that they discover the time spend in growing a complete CSS website no longer justifiable. The reality is that there are nevertheless cases when the usage of CSS is not really helpful. An example is when showing tabular facts; Tables nevertheless excel in displaying tabular information in the interim. Unless you are using complicated nested tables, the table, tr or td tags must no longer pose an excessive amount off of a problem for the hunt engine spiders.


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Web pages have to not be dull and net designers should no longer bow right down to the Google revolution. A properly designed site combines both form and function and yet, still able to be search engine friendly. I strongly agree with that this can be without problems performed if website designers are capable of observing very primary rules in designing their internet websites.