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When HostGator Goes Chomp Chomp With Your Website

This isn’t always a dissertation against HostGator. I love HostGator. I love my wife and children as nicely, however, occasionally we all do things that disappoint every different. And if we analyze from the one’s disappointments, or at the least begin to understand how to avoid them, the next time we will know what to expect, or a minimum of being capable of avoiding the next time.

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This all started out when I made a small tweak to the CSS of one among my websites. I have round 15 websites for trade and know simply sufficient approximately CSS to be risky, and probably ought to now not be messing with it, however commonly I escape with it and get the difficulty fixed without any disasters. And if catastrophe moves, I usually have a backup.

Awhile returned this befell to me, and after I couldn’t restoration the home web page, I called HostGator. The tech (yes, they have real people that answer the cellphone)! Anyway, the tech instructed me the easiest manner to restoration my mess, become just to pay them $15 to repair from the backup that they perform, and I would be lower back in a commercial enterprise. Well, that changed into the best information I had acquired in months, or at least given that transferring my websites to HostGator. Before, after I might have problems, my current host would NEVER permit me to in reality call and communicate to a live individual. Their business model changed into strictly via electronic mail, and maximum in their techs was Russian even though they had been a U.S. Company. I don’t have something in opposition to Russians, I surely love Russia having visited there, but their written English sometimes is a bit skewed, and that they do not continually apprehend ours. Plus, those men acted like we were clearly bothering them each time we emailed with an difficulty, and that we were real morons. So we solved the hassle, we moved to HostGator.

Back to the tale…Once I known as HostGator to get the contemporary goof up fixed and restored, the tech knowledgeable me that my inodes were over the limit, and after they had been over the restrict, HostGator end backing up the sites, and if I would read my agreement, they made it very undeniable in English that this becomes the case. When I mentioned that they restored one of the websites every week in advance from a backup, he knowledgeable me that once the overage turned into caught, and they quit doing backups, that the following time they did a backup they WIPED OUT all the websites, for the reason that they did not do backups for human beings that had been over the inodes restriction.

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When he instructed me what the inodes restrict was, I checked in my CPanel, and I become well within the limit. When I knowledgeable him of this, he checked with aid (I idea he supported) and help (2nd level) informed him that we have been over the tough pressure space quota and backups were not executed on those sized accounts.

However, apparently, they may wipe out all your facts for no rate.

So, then I decided to ensure that my backups had been in order. When I contacted HostGator to confirm this, their assist department knowledgeable me that the backups had been getting rid of the public_html directory within the backup. It appears to be due to the reality that your cpbackup-exclude. Conf record has public_html listed in it so when full cPanel backups are generated it’s far with the exception of your money owed public_html listing.

After a few verbal exchange with one among HostGator’s techs he turned into very adamant about the reality that they no longer most effective avoid backing up massive debts, however that if I didn’t control all the backup manner and many others; myself, that I changed into in reality soliciting for a hassle that could set me again years in enterprise because the websites were liable for my profits. And, if a tough pressure on the server that I changed into hosted on failed, I might be out of enterprise if I had been counting on HostGator to host the backup document, so I better be website hosting the backup report by myself community, with a replica on a far-flung server as properly. We currently use an offsite website hosting service for our software code and backups, so this turned into a no-brainer and easy trouble to resolve. And saving a copy of the CPanel backup to my own tough power changed into pretty easy as soon as I set up a Cron Job that could do this mechanically each week. (virtually I do this twice per week)

Today you can store a Terabyte for less than $a hundred a month, so there aren’t any excuses. One time our offices (in a workplace constructing) were broken into and EVERY laptop stolen. We purchased new computers and our offsite backups had been restored, and we were back in the enterprise by way of early afternoon.

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You don’t want to find out that your catastrophe healing did not work after the reality, so test and affirm your backup method. Most competitive ISP’s must be capable of doing this for you. And with humans like HostGator, there’s no price if it’s miles your backup. Make a minor alternate in one in all your sites, do a backup, then move lower back to the site after repair and ensure it befell. Even even though you are backing up each week or so, each other month, I might test this system to make sure it really works properly.

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