Why You Should Not Use a Free WordPress Theme

If you’re interested in using content material advertising in developing your online attain, you’re going to need a content material control machine (CMS). Of all of the CMS alternatives available, WordPress is by using far the maximum famous. It is likewise the most famous manner to construct a internet site online. So it’s a nice way to construct a internet site, and the pleasant manner to blog sounds quite extraordinary, proper?

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Before you jump in, make sure to study this publish, or you may commit the maximum common epic WordPress failure. Trying to do all of it on a unfastened WordPress theme.


While there are plenty of first-rate themes available on the market, there also are a few free simple subject matters that you may apply to your website online.

It is probably tempting to shop a few bucks and use a loose simple subject, but you’ll harm your brand in doing so. Trust me on this! I have created masses of WordPress sites.

Here are a few motives why you need to by no means use a loose, simple WordPress subject matter.

They Usually Don’t Have All the Bells and Whistles

Your site is going to need the identical features that your competition is imparting. Basic issues commonly don’t have one’s capabilities. For instance, if your website calls for a mega-menu, fancy spinners, or AJAX web page loading for a wealthy consumer experience, don’t anticipate finding the one’s capabilities on a basic topic.

Besides that, primary themes usually provide a less-than-extraordinary collection of widgets and sliders that greater expert templates provide (free of charge). The typical aesthetics of expert subject matters are common ways superior to unfastened fundamental subject matters. They’re created by using folks trying to make a dwelling off of WordPress issues, and it suggests. One extra issue, what do you watched the inducement is of the those who create unfastened topics? Do they need something proper?

Usually, they do one of the following:

  • Sneak a link within the subject matter back to their website
  • Have a widget on the theme you have to use that advantages them
  • Use it as a way to upgrade to their paid subject
  • First Impressions Matter
A simple WordPress subject matter isn’t probable to depart a splendid first influence.

Why? Because it seems simple. It doesn’t offer the professional air of secrecy of a more sophisticated subject evolved with a company audience in thoughts.

The old pronouncing applies here: you get what you pay for. If you need a simple WordPress subject because it’s unfastened, then it’s going to appear and experience like a unfastened topic to folks that visit your internet site.

The last element you need is for anyone in your target market to study your internet site for the very first time and say “Meh” when they see your lackluster theme. Instead, give them the “Wow!” thing with a layout that looks as if you’re prepared to do enterprise.

Lack of Support

Even the most state-of-the-art topics require some tweaking. Very rarely does a subject painting precisely as you want it to proper out of the field (nearly in no way without a doubt).

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