Android O was unveiled in March this yr, and Google highlighted a lot of its capabilities at I/O in May later on. The new Android model is in its 0.33 developer preview, and the naming of ‘O’ is still a mystery. Google, like usually, will release the name later this year, but predictions and leaks on what it can be, have already started out to floor online.

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Internal source code has found out (first spotted with the aid of Mike) that Android O could be known as the ‘Android Oatmeal Cookie’. Evidence became observed in Android’s supply code where mentions of ‘oc-dev’ have cropped up on several events. One of the maximum outstanding evidences is whilst the code states that Google Pixel is jogging on Android O Developer Preview or ‘oc-dev’. This ‘oc-dev’ codename should stand for oatmeal cookie. We make this presumption, because the word ‘oatmeal cookie’ cropped up at Google I/O as nicely, in one of the slide presentations in May.


While those portions of evidence are sturdy, Google may want to name Android eight.0 something absolutely distinct. Android O is also in large part rumored to be referred to as Android Oreo, and this could be pretty viable if Google partners with the organization to do a cross-merchandising of kinds, something that we saw with Android KitKat.

The latest preview showed the Android version to be Android 8.0, some thing that was stored beneath wraps whilst Android O turned into first announced. The organization dropped the primary developer preview construct of the next main Android release in March, and the second developer preview was out at I/O 2017 closing month. The enterprise launched Developer Preview three with the final Android O APIs in early June. Google has stated that there could be some other launched in July that allows you to carry “near-very last device photographs.” Google says that the trendy preview construct includes the modern day model of the Android O platform with the final API degree 26 and loads of worm fixes and optimisation.

While it could sense like the browser that opens when you click on links in Facebook etc is Chrome, it’s virtually a smaller, less difficult model of its huge brother referred to as WebView. And regrettably, being a micro-browser that could fit inside an app manner that it isn’t quite as sturdy as the primary Chrome browser.

This reasons problems while thinking about the safety of your tool, as an insecure browser is an apparent vulnerability for people with nefarious intentions seeking to advantage access for your tool.

Safe and easy

Thankfully Google has now upped the level of safety, incorporating SafeBrowsing inside WebView. What this indicates is that if an app tries to get entry to a website this is on Google’s phishing and malware databases a caution will display, allowing you to make safer browsing selections.

Google has additionally sandboxed WebView’s renderer, which means that any malicious app that manages to benefit get entry to the renderer gained be able to permeate any similarly.

Developers will be capable of adding the brand new safety tendencies with a single line of code, and the first-rate information is that the simplest component which you as a user ought to do to advantage from this improved protection is to hold your software program up to date.

As if it wasn’t already apparent, nostalgia is in, all of us. ‘Tis the season for unearthing your center faculty journals, busting out the unfashionable video game consoles for marathon summer time gaming periods, and making playlists for the sole cause of reminding you of that one faithful night time.

Nostalgia would not seem to be restricted to my bubble both. Every vintage thing seems to be getting a reboot, from the Twin Peaks TV display to the Nokia 3310 mobile phone, to excessive-upward push denims (Frankly, a fad I can get behind). I’m no longer positive if this is 2017 or 1997 anymore, so I concept that perhaps it’d be entertaining to use my Galaxy S8 as a time device and take me again to when Bill Clinton was inside the Oval Office and the Spice Girls have been my preferred element.

Games that take you returned

Perhaps the excellent manner to virtually relive your past is thru video games for the simple cause that they’re interactive. Playing Ecco II: The Tides of Time, as an instance, brings me back to the arduous summer of 1995, once I found out that there was just no way in hell I changed into ever going to conquer that sport. That was the first time in my kid life that I’d skilled crushing defeat.