The great Android apps for Chromebooks

Running Android apps on Chromebooks remains a dream—a dream in prolonged beta, that is. After promising the feature in advance this 12 months, Google has pushed out the discharge date.

The great Android apps for Chromebooks 1

While a chosen range of Chromebooks can get admission to Google Play right out of the box, more adventurous Chromebook users will need to run the developer beta of Chrome OS to enjoy Android apps. After spending time with several Android apps that have to grow to be Chrome-friendly, I certainly decide upon some Android variations on Chrome over the web-primarily based versions, as cellular apps may be refreshingly simple and uncluttered.


Visit your Chromebook’s Settings web page and click on About Chrome OS to get into the beta channel. Next, click Detailed build statistics, then click Change Channel. There, you could switch from the solid channel to the beta channel. You have to steer clear of the developer channel, but as to be able to without a doubt be risky.

The 10 Android apps underneath constitute how precise it can be on Chrome as soon as the whole thing becomes professional. Just take into account that it is beta software, so tread cautiously. If matters pass awry, you can usually return to the stable channel or Powerwash your Chromebook and begin over.

Sure, Gmail is excellent and all, but like many, you might have an Office 365 e-mail cope with your corporation assigned, by the way. If that’s the case, you’ll want to seize the Microsoft Outlook Android application for your Chromebook. Unlike the internet app, you may use Outlook to manage more than one bill and offline access to your messages. It even handles Gmail bills if you need to apply Outlook as your all-in-one email utility.

Perhaps you need to increase the talents of your electronic mail app by connecting it to your favorite services. Newton Mail (formerly CloudMagic) has several built-in plugins for common offerings like Trello, Todoist, OneNote, and Salesforce. You can fast zap emails over to the one’s apps with just multiple faucets.

Newton Mail is easy and works properly, but don’t get too attached unless you pay the $50-in step with-yr fee for full get right of entry.

Microsoft has fully embraced Android, bringing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and different key Office apps to Android. S.

One caveat: Office isn’t yet optimized for all Chromebooks with the Play Store, consisting of the Asus Chromebook Flip I use. Check the Play Store to see if the Office apps will work with your specific device.

The idea of running every other browser on something known as a Chromebook would possibly seem a touch bizarre. But trying a different browser may be useful if a page isn’t loading right in Chrome. Otherwise, you’re trying out how your very own site plays. Grab Firefox for Android. Chrome continues to be the first-rate revel in. However, the presence of Firefox shows how there is nevertheless room for innovation in internet surfing on a Chromebook.

Evernote remains a popular, productive platform that helps you take notes, clip net pages, and organize other content material into a sequence of notebooks. The Evernote Android app is another precise contender for Chromebooks, with a clean interface and most of the tools you’re already used to from the desktop version.

Skype is one of the few messaging structures that are actually generic. While you could get right on entry to it through the web or Outlook.Com, Skype for Android is reachable to have as a devoted application on Chrome OS. The Android interface stays regular with Windows and Mac so that you can jump over your conversations without any issues. If you actually need to live on the edge, you can attempt the Skype Preview version to get the cutting-edge capabilities first.

Many Chromebooks offer touchscreens, and a few, just like the Samsung Chromebooks Plus and Pro, consist of a stylus. If you have got one of those, grasp Squid. It’s one of the high-quality apps for providing a paper-like experience, with backgrounds that are beneficial for math equations, notice-taking, or trendy illustration. If OneNote or Evernote doesn’t do it for you, surely deliver this one a strive.

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