Artists deliver Hong Kong’s beyond to lifestyles in miniatures

Hong Kong (CNN)Tony Lai remembers journeying Hong Kong’s Lamma Island as a baby. Laundry hung from balconies, fishers perched on the cliffside, and dim lights illuminating rust-stained shacks. These pictures left a deep impression on the artist. So, years later, Lai determined to recreate the scene in minute detail. His miniature artwork paperwork is part of a venture that hopes to hold recollections of the previous British colony’s disappearing past.

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“I took a whole lot of time studying, finding antique images, interviewing, sourcing materials and speak to those who used to stay [on Lamma Island] to ensure we got the whole thing proper,” Lai says in his new Hong Kong workshop, which he shares with fellow miniature artist Maggie Chan. Earlier this yr the 2 artists opened TOMA Miniatures, a small studio in which they offer lessons and collaborate on new works of art. Miniatures of a barbershop, an old village, and a natural tea keep are on show along workstations littered with cutting boards, rulers, and knives.


As the twentieth anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China nears, many Hong Kong residents had recalled their fatherland’s beyond with a sense of nostalgia. But others worry that the city’s heritage is disappearing, with historical websites being destroyed to make way for shopping malls and commercial excessive-rises.

This feel of nostalgia — and mourning — has been a boon to artists like Lai and Chan.

“Recently, our work has become greater popular, locally and overseas,” says Chan. “We suppose it is because Hong Kong is changing too rapidly. People sense that something is slipping away.”

For every undertaking, the two artists divide the work between them. Lai, an architectural model maker, manages the infrastructure and electric components. Chan, who has been analyzing miniature models given that excessive college, makes a specialty of smaller items, like household home equipment and food.

A single miniature can take months of labor, as the 2 artists recreate meticulous, lifestyles-like replicas. No detail is spared, from the rust stains on the side of the famed Woo Cheong Pawn Shop (because it turned into within the 1950s — space has because were converted into a ultra-modern bar and restaurant) to tiny loaves of freshly baked bread inside the window of a road cafe.

It took Chan and Lai four months to complete the commission, including a one-12th scale miniature of Kee Wah Bakery’s first Hong Kong save, which opened at the end of World War II. The artwork also includes a one-50th scale miniature of the Shanghai community in which the bakery was based.

Everything from shopfronts to bridal desserts etched with Chinese characters was painstakingly recreated. “It takes me 3 hours to make just one cake,” says Chan, who makes use of needlepoint gear to form each object.

“Their work seems so actual, particularly on a touch cake this is simply six millimeters in duration,” says Wong. “They managed to etch in 4 Chinese characters.”

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