Becoming an influencer: Notes from a fledgling journey blogger

Marion Payen: I initially started my weblog because of an interest in growing something extra actual than I turned into seeing someplace else. With over 29,000 Instagram fans and 1,500 blog visits consistent with the month, she is aware of an approximately influential advertising component. I these days stuck up with Marion (whilst she becomes on a jealousy-inducing journey to Guatemala) to find out how she has generated any such large following, how she works with manufacturers, and her mind on travel influencers is well known. Econsultancy: Could you begin by using explaining a bit about your weblog and the way you got into the industry?

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I acknowledged that I ought to offer extra than standard suggestions from huge groups like Lonely Planet. I mean, an emblem like that might tell me to visit a specific market – however, how will I recognize if it’ll offer me anything precise or definitely interesting? I’m extra inclined to consider a person with a personal point of view rather than an e-book that’s been written for the loads.


So, I aimed to build something based on the belief that if you want my lifestyle and how I am journeying, you definitely would like the tips I make too.

E: Did you start your weblog with any understanding of influencer marketing?

MP: In phrases of my own historical past, I began within the hospitality and travel enterprise in Florida, then I moved to London, wherein I labored in retail – mainly e-commerce and digital advertising and marketing.

This is how I knew I ought to offer something distinctive from other journey websites because I already knew many alternate tricks. I had worked with influencers myself via associate channels and had a general knowledge of search engine marketing, PPC, coding, and so on. – so, I knew I might want to use this to my gain, particularly in comparison to other bloggers I become seeing on time.

E: What are the primary techniques you have got used to building your audience?

MP: I manifestly have the main internet site, however as I didn’t at the beginning have a great deal of money to make investments, I knew that to power visitors to it, I needed to use every other organic channel like social media.

So, I started with Instagram, spending days and days just being honestly energetic on it, engaging with the network, and making pals with mutual hobbies.

Over time my presence grew. From the remaining June to now, I actually have controlled to reach 29,000 fans, and that’s just organically, from being awesome lively and building my very own community.

E: At what point did you begin getting interested in brands?

MP: Quite these days. Before that, it was only me reaching out to manufacturers through email and social media, pronouncing that I do if you are involved.

Then, approximately a month in the past, it seemed to flip – I began to get emails from manufacturers and websites saying they had located me each day. As quickly as I reached approximately 25,000 fans on Instagram, it started to occur, and then I also got pretty a piece of press coverage from online and print magazines. Combined, this appeared to ignite interest truly.

E: Do you most effective paintings with a sure sort of logo, and how do you decide who to paintings with?

MP: Absolutely, because in the very beginning, I’ve made a point of being picky. I’ve visible a whole lot of other bloggers on Instagram being quite blatant, posting pictures of a watch with a mountain in the background. I would by no means want to receive a commission to promote a brand that I don’t accept as true within, so I only work with those who I assume are simply excellent matches for me.

For example, I am now working with a logo that gives travel insurance because I have used it myself, and I know that my audience will find it useful. If I am protecting a highly-priced watch – why might a backpacker be inquisitive about that? I’m not fearful of announcing no or explaining that it gained to be amazingly healthy, either.

E: What would you assert is the great way for a brand to approach an influencer?

MP: An emblem can usually get my attention if it’s far a personalized message, so not simply bringing up that they have seen my blog, but pointing out a specific article or photograph that they preferred. I get countless emails announcing that a person wants to work with me, so I really need to feel that there’s a few forms of non-public connection. I can also inform if it is an e-mail they have despatched to masses of different bloggers – I can read between the lines. Lastly, I ought to sense adore it’s no longer just about them, that it’s about both folks, and that each one event could be able to enjoy the deal.

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