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Can An Ecommerce SEO Agency Help With Social Media?

SEO has been evolving almost since its inception, and that’s not going to change shortly. If you’re currently working with an eCommerce SEO agency to ensure your business continually discovers customers, you may be missing out on an opportunity – social media marketing.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

The idea behind social media marketing is a fairly simple one – you use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with your audience. In turn, that helps to build your brand and even increase your sales overall. Social media marketing involves continually publishing content of all types that your target audience wants to see, listening to followers and engaging with them regularly, and running advertisements on platforms where you have lots of followers.

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Does it Matter?

Wondering whether a social media presence actually matters? Statistics indicate that it really does. Almost 80% of companies share content on social media today, and these days, before any consumer decides on a product, they’re not just going to browse your website. Still, they’re going to look at your social media posts as well. If they find empty profiles, they may turn to a source with a lot more invested in social media. Maybe even more than that, though, is the fact that social media means instant and constant engagement with your target audience. The old saying is “Out of sight, out of mind,” and you can constantly gain insight into your customers with social media.

Can Social Media Marketing and SEO Work Together?

Social media may be important, but can it actually help your SEO profile? Google has repeatedly said it doesn’t look at social signals from major social media platforms when determining a site’s page rank. Despite that fact, though, Google bots crawl social websites for data in the same way they crawl any other site. As a result, links published on social accounts actually count as credible backlinks. When a blog post goes viral, then those new links can actually boost your site’s rankings. As a result, the more popular you are on social media, the stronger your site might rank. That could be incredibly helpful to your profile overall. A Facebook advertising agency can help build that profile and the content that will help boost your site through social media.

It goes a bit further than that, though. Social media channels are often a place people turn when they’re looking for new products and services. Search engines aren’t the only space where people direct queries these days. Brands out there are more likely to get noticed on these platforms because they’re literally functioning as search engines in and of themselves. If they’re looking for the products and services you have to offer, they’re just as likely to find them on their favorite social media platform as they are on a traditional search engine.

Get In the SEO Social Media Game Now

What can you do to make your social media presence known? Start by making social media part of your overall digital marketing strategy. The chances are good that you already have an SEO strategy in place. It’s time to broaden that strategy and begin including social media because while Google may not have it listed as an official ranking factor now, it may result shortly.

How do you even begin to get started? Working with an eCommerce SEO agency that offers social media marketing services is a good place to begin. After all, it’s just as easy to get overwhelmed with social media marketing as it is with optimization, and the experts can help you do all kinds of things. From initially getting attention to running successful ad campaigns down the road, working with the experts is the only way to get the attention you need most. After all, it’s about more than simply making posts. It’s about crafting viral content that can be analyzed and replicated across your channels. It’s about constantly engaging your audience and helping build your brand’s name, and that can be far too much to handle when you’re busy with your company’s day-to-day.

Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce SEO agency that can help you reach more visitors, or you’re looking for a stronger social media presence, we can help. To learn more, contact us today.

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