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Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes: Know the Differences

Electric bikes have become the talk of the town these days as Indian consumers are switching to electric vehicles, doing their bit in preserving the environment. But how different are electric bikes from the regular ones. Let’s understand through this quick comparison.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes Petrol bikes
Noise factor Extremely quiet They get quieter every year thanks to noise regulations but will never become as quiet as electric bikes.
Gearbox Have a flat torque curve, meaning maximum performance from zero rpm to the redline. Therefore, they don’t need gearboxes. Have a narrow torque band, which requires a gearbox, clutch, and the knowledge of how to operate them.
Gearbox No gearbox means fewer transmission losses, less weight – and greater efficiency. A gearbox involves more weight, complexity, and the transmission losses mean efficiency is lower, translating to lower kpl figures.
Efficiency Have very few moving parts and convert around 77 percent of the electric energy stored into useful work. The most efficient petrol bikes can convert only around 30 percent of the energy in the petrol into useful work, the rest is wasted as heat.
Ownership cost Have meager ownership costs in the short term, as regular maintenance only involves a checkup and lubricating moving parts like wheel bearings. Bike loan is easily accessible too. Need regular oil changes, and fuel delivery systems need attention once in a while, making for a higher ownership cost in the short term. Nonetheless, two wheeler loan interest rates are reasonable.
Maintenance cost Battery replacement packs are costly, and disposal and recycling are not easy. While improper disposal of used engine oil and brake fluid can be environmentally hazardous, systems have been in place for decades.
Charging time Electric bikes take a while to charge to full capacity – the fastest chargers are quite expensive. The tank can be topped up in a few minutes.
Public infrastructure Public charging infrastructure is lacking at the moment but will improve in the future. Petrol pumps are abundant.
Discounts There are frequent offers on electric vehicles, including discounts, bike loans, tax rebates from the central and state governments, and refunds on the scrappage of old petrol bikes exchanged for new electric bikes. Discounts are available on models that aren’t popular and only around festival times. But two wheeler loan interest rates are affordable.


There are pros and cons to both, but when the question is electric bikes vs. regular bikes, electric vehicles are a clear winner as the future is in their favor. All they need is the charging infrastructure to be developed.

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