4 Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Blog

1. Blogs are User-Friendly and Very Easy to Use

The upside to having a weblog software program rather than an internet site is that its miles very consumer-pleasant. The blog uses a GUI or a photo-user interface; the entirety that you may want to do is laid out in easy-to-recognize snapshots. The blogging software program additionally conforms to the requirements of maximum different software program packages. For instance, the photograph icons you see in Microsoft Office packages are very similar to the portraits you’ll see in the interior of your weblog.

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The motive that this is so crucial is that YOU can update your OWN website, and also, you do not want to pay excessive charges in web layout prices to accomplish that! There is no messing around with HTML code, you may keep away from having a stupid, useless web page that people best go to occasionally, and as a substitute, you could update it yourself and give humans a cause to go back over and over and again.

The other upside to that is that when you want something changed fast, you may achieve this. You no longer ought to wait on a web fashion designer or a virtual assistant; you can pop into the dashboard and replace the page you need to make modifications to and click on save and increase – you’re executed!

Making everyday posts is also clean to do. In some short clicks and then a few keystrokes for the body of your submit, you can have fresh, new content material on your weblog right away. If you feel especially innovative sooner or later, you can write a sequence of posts and save all of them to submit on destiny dates. For me, I will write eight or nine blog entries at a time and save them to put up one or two days aside. This is likewise useful in case you are going on vacation. In February, my husband and I went to the Dominican for a holiday, and before I left, I wrote blog entries to cowl the week I changed into long gone and just published them earlier. At the times that I designated, my weblog entries showed up at the blog!

2. Blogs Are Easy to Navigate

All blogs follow a reasonably well-known fashion of formatting and navigation. Although each template may additionally look exclusive, all of them include identical preferred elements. When I visit a weblog, I continually realize wherein to visit see Recent Posts. I also recognize that I could find a place to join the blog feed for most people of blogs. A feed is certainly syndication of your blog entries. That syndicated text is then sent out to your blog visitors’ feed readers and is dispatched to engines like google, etc. This is a part of the cause that running a blog effectively gets human beings to your web page.

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Have you ever visited a website wherein each menu has been specific, and every sidebar contained exclusive text on which you were at the internet site? Those websites are difficult, and they do not lead the internet site vacationer where they must be going. With running a blog software program, it remains popular and is usually updating itself. When you are making an alternate on one sidebar, it routinely updates on every other sidebar, which removes any confusion on your website visitors. A wonderful e-book I want to endorse is Steve Krug’s.”

Don’t Make Me Think.” Even in case you do not design websites, you need to read this book. A lot of the motives that I love blogs are outlined in his usability phase. He references making websites more useful by following his concepts, but what’s so amazing is that a blog already conforms to many of his standards.

3. People Can Subscribe to Your Blog and Stay Current

Now, I need to explain what RSS is first. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a circle of relatives of net feed codecs used to post often updated virtual content material, consisting of blogs, information feeds, or podcasts. People who’re into blogging will use your RSS feed to do some things:

– They may also enroll in getting hold of a day-by-day digest of the latest content. Think of how powerful that is in terms of maintaining you in touch along with your target marketplace. If someone receives constant, up-to-date messages from you, you’re constantly of their line of sight, and they’ll see what you are as much as new services or products you are launching and how much expertise you’ve got on your chosen issue.

– They may also upload you to their feed reader. I even have a software that I use called Feed Demon, and this software program software tracks all of the blogs I am interested in via shooting and updating the feed that comes from the blog. I can open up this software each day and feature an immediate precis of every weblog I have subscribed to. I can evaluate what its miles people are speaking me approximately.

This lets me stay contemporary without having a thousand bookmarks in my net browser or seeking to take into account which blogs I favored reading. The identical is proper for your site visitors. They need a short, clean manner to be reminded which you exist and post matters they need to know about.

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Normal websites do not do this for you until you’re putting out a month-to-month ezine that contains all of your commercial enterprise updates. By having the weblog, you could almost cut out the monthly ezine and permit the weblog to do the be just right for you!

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