Galaxy Nexus First Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus can be a telephone that people have not heard about with the massive advertisements for Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. After looking at Google I/O and getting to know that the Galaxy Nexus could be getting Jelly Bean, I decided to reserve one. I just acquired my new Galaxy Nexus, and that is my first impression of the smartphone.

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I ordered my Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play keep, and it’s miles an unlocked HSPA+ cellphone so that it will work on any GSM vendors like AT&T or T-cellular. The first component I noticed about the Galaxy Nexus became the display. The beautiful four.The 65 inches Super AMOLED show makes using the telephone a lot better because apps and movies are much clearer than my old Samsung Galaxy S2.

This telephone has several alternatives for unlocking. You may use Face unencumber, which fits quite properly, or you may have a pattern or pin to unlock the cell phone. The Galaxy Nexus does not have any physical buttons, leaving the greater room for the display screen on the cell phone. The aspect buttons are not up in the direction of the top of the telephone, but alternatively, they may be inside the middle, which makes using them simpler and less of a stretch for the palms to reach.

The Galaxy Nexus comes with Ice Cream Sandwich four.04 Android most modern OS and has many cool functions that improve the Android experience. One of the large sales for this cell phone is that it’s miles a pure android phone, meaning that whilst you buy a smartphone, it comes with many apps that you do not need or need. These apps are referred to as bloatware because they waste space on the telephone and normally gradually it down and because the producers want the apps on the cell phone, you can’t delete them.

But the Galaxy Nexus handiest has what Google needs the phone to have. This means that the telephone is quicker. Also, because this is Google’s telephone, the Galaxy Nexus gets updates as quickly as Google releases them without anticipating producers to release theirs. Jelly Bean, which is the subsequent launch of Android, is being launched from Google quickly, and the Galaxy Nexus may be the first phone to get it thru OTA and unless you placed a custom ROM for your smartphone, you might have to wait for months for Jelly Bean.

When I first started my Galaxy Nexus, many features greatly improve the telephone revel in from Honeycomb. There are three buttons on the bottom of the screen at all times, and the buttons are back home and different windows. The 0.33 is surely cool the button will carry up to a listing of lately closed apps on the phone. Being able to transfer backward and forward between two apps could be very useful to me.

The smartphone has a distinctive lock screen. The lock screen helps you open the digital camera, open Google seeks or unencumber the phone, which lets me get entry to the digicam speedy or use Google search while not having to release the cell phone. When you open the app drawer, you can enter apps, widgets, and the play saves from one vicinity.

Things I don’t like:

Galaxy-Nexus-Box-200x200.jpg (2288×1520)

The essential downside for the Galaxy Nexus is that there may be no sd card slot so that you are stuck with both 16gbs or 32gbs phone areas. After saying that, unless you have a ton of tracks or movies, you should not run into a problem of no loose area. Google is trying to get Android users to have all their media on Google Play and streaming it for their device. Another disadvantage to the cell phone is that the camera is very disappointing. The digicam has a few fantastic features like panoramic and fast taking pictures; however, the camera hardware is not as satisfactory as different smartphone cameras available on the market.

Tech Specs:

Other than the high-quality show, the telephones come with a 1.2 GHz twin-core processor with 1GB of ram, and in case you buy from Google, 16GB of ram. The phone has a beautiful 1280×720 resolution pentile display. The 1,850mAh battery delivers the cellphone a protracted battery existence; the longest mine has long gone is around 23 hours which is a big improvement over my antique Samsung Galaxy S 2. The telephone has NFC (Near Field Communication), which works with Android beam to transfer contacts to any other NFC tool or use NFC tags to automate sports. Even though the phone is pretty large, it fits my hand sincerely well and is easy to keep. The battery cover at the cell phone is not smooth and has a mesh sense which makes it easier to hold directly to without worrying approximately losing it.

What I like:

I surely like the overall quickness you get through the use of an ICS telephone. The 3 onscreen buttons, including recent apps, is a notable characteristic of this telephone. I also like the progressed lock screen, so you may cross directly into the digital camera or Google seek if you are in a rush. The new app drawer with getting right of entry to widgets and play save is a great addition to have on an Android smartphone. The telephone show is a huge plus, and anybody who alternatives it up will make a distinction over another phone. The crazy battery existence on the cell phone is something that surely amazed me, and it’ll take a while for me to get used to no longer having to charge my phone every couple of hours.


A12.jpg (1400×1194)

After getting my new phone and having a danger to use it for a while, I have to say that it has passed my expectancies. A phone with so many satisfactory capabilities and an exquisite show strolling today’s Android OS for the best $329 from the play seems like a great deal to me. If you’re looking into getting a new telephone, however, you don’t want to spend $ seven hundred for the Samsung Galaxy S 3,thenn the Galaxy Nexus is an incredible telephone, and I advocate shopping for it.

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