Leveraging Your Smartphone to Maximize Efficiency

Smartphones have come to be ingrained in our daily lives. A tool that we use nearly every waking hour is something that has a major effect on our lives and can also impact productivity substantially. Some may say that smartphones are only a distraction, but I am here to argue that the phone is one of the maximum critical things to come approximately in the personal technology location. The phone lets in you to live related irrespective of wherein you’re, so as to make a call or textual content message to anywhere inside the international in only mere seconds. This capacity tied to an effective productiveness device can leverage any single character to be able to complete an extensively extra amount of work. The manager can take a look at in on his team of workers even as he is away, the IT branch can observe the status in their networks whilst at lunch, and the customer can live connected with the circle of relatives and buddies by using surfing social media.

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You may also have seen considered one of my preceding posts approximately the HTC One M8, my favorite telephone. This is an Android telephone and so I will be discussing productivity upgrades based on the Android operating gadget and my factor of view. Keep in mind that among the packages supplied on Android also are available on iOS for our iPhone users.

There are such a lot of one-of-a-kind programs available for a cellular tool occasionally its miles difficult to choose which to apply. Which one will enhance your life for the better? That is what I am here to answer. Many of those examples include packages that I use on a day by day basis and that I actually have visible time and time again enhance my user experience. Staying applicable in the generation international is difficult and so a number of these tips won’t be for you, however, you may as a minimum be made aware about what era is available to you. Especially something so small it is able to fit in your pocket.

Sleep As Android

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One of my favored apps comes into play after I am waking up in the morning. Now I actually have never been a morning man or woman, however leveraging many extraordinary sleep packages for android I was capable to research my sleep and decide steps that may be taken to enhance my sleep period and quality. Sleep as Android become the first app I used for sleep tracking and it’s far nevertheless the equal utility that I use nowadays to awaken to. The way many of those programs paintings is the use of the construct in accelerometer within the smartphone they music your movement at some point of the night time and determine your sleep first-class and the modern degree of sleep you’re in. When you’re within the lighter stages of sleep near the time you’ve got your alarm set Sleep As Android will automatically start to softly play your alarm to softly wake you up. Instead of being jarred wide awake with the aid of a noisy alarm the method that Sleeps As Android is lots higher and extra green. Do your sleep cycle a choose and download Sleep As Android nowadays it will change your sleep forever.

Google Maps

Commuting to work has come to be greater time-honored as of recent years with the gas costs soaring many regular drivers have switched to the use of public transit or other varieties of transportation like Uber. Using your towns public transit gadget won’t be as easy as most of the locals make it appear. When you input your vacation spot into Google Maps the telephone retrieves your present day vicinity when you have GPS enabled. Once it has your region Google Maps is included with many public transit systems and could have all the direction records that you can ever probably need. With Google Maps you can scroll through many distinctive time slots and alternatives for getting in your vacation spot, however on the pinnacle could be the maximum green and value effective manner in step with Google. I actually have located from experience that Google almost in reality continually knows what’s first-rate for you in terms of navigation. Google Maps makes use of dynamic routing to move other Maps users alongside other routes while one will become congested. This permits you to change your course at the fly and now not be concerned about getting on your vacation spot. Google Maps will continually alternate your path within the case of delay or accident it’s going to warn you and offer to exchange the direction round


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When you’re looking for a chew to eat whether it is for your place of birth or some other metropolis or maybe the world over. Urbanspoon is the app for you. Urbanspoon is an aggregator of restaurants which might be easily searchable by style, fee, area, and others. The particular a part of Urbanspoon is spinning it to receive random effects. You can pick special criteria just like the form of meals served or a charge limit and Urbanspoon will generate a list if you want to choose from. While on Urbanspoon you may also overview and write critiques about the eating place you take place to be touring.


Something that all of us are possibly guilty of at some time or any other isn’t taking proper care of our motors. Acar is there to ensure this does not manifest once more they offer service reminders by means of mileage or via duration whether or not it’s 2 months or 2 years Acar will remind you. Within the app, you can hold music of all car associated fees like gasoline, upkeep, parts, and renovation. With this kind of monitoring, you could really hold a good eye in your car and make sure it remains reliable for the duration of the yr. I also use Acar to track gas mileage to peer how I am acting and how much cash it costs to power. These lists are all compiled into one easily readable log that is prepared to be imported into an Excel document and regarded through. This sort of wealthy records is something that a potential customer of your vehicle would be very appreciative of as properly.

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