Health Insurance is Not Health Assurance

It is unlucky that we have come to one of these time as this. As of July 1, 2007, Massachusetts is the primary and most effective state to require, by means of the force of law, medical health insurance of every resident. Not only is it legally mandated, however, penalties might be visited upon the wallet of individuals who fail to comply with the law. It is in all likelihood that Massachusetts is the kingdom this is piloting this new health care method and that it’s going to ultimately be coming soon to a clinic close to you.

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Ironically, it is the folks that are at present trying to live in step with ideas of bodily, intellectual and ethical excellence with the intention to go through. These are those who are making a way of life selections that are like deposits in a first-rate of existence financial institution. Although it in all likelihood has not entered into the contemplating most people, there are individuals who are living and feature lived their whole lives without a health care disaster. Paying for something they don’t need or can also never want is not so much the hassle as paying for something this is within their power to save you.

Neither domestic owner’s coverage nor car coverage can protect you from lack of or damage in your asset. These products definitely minimize or completely cowl the value of charges to restore or update it. This is specifically useful in sudden, unwanted occasions beyond your control. Loss of or damage to your fitness can be unwanted however it is not totally unpredictable or beyond one’s strength of control.

Some humans, who’ve insurance regulations to cover their tangible property, invest extra money or even time and effort to boom or hold the value of these assets long before any unwelcome activities. Physical health is one of the maximum grossly undervalued property and it receives such investments often best AFTER loss or damage. Health coverage appears to stifle the conviction to make any investment past a monthly top class.

So what about the people who cherish and protect their fitness as sacredly as their characters. Being within the minority, they may be likely considered insignificant complainers. With all people else, they too may be “persuaded” by the tip of a monetary blade to buy this product (health insurance) whether they want it or adore it or now not. But decisions for the sake of the majority does not show that this is something extra than a massive band-aid.

Of very little mention within the discussion, approximately fitness care are the advantages to be provided the wholesome. Maybe the maximum of us is assuming that everybody is bad. Is it the national consensus and presumption that everyone desires fitness care or at some later factor in time may be desiring health care? Are all people bound to get unwell and want drug remedy, surgery or radiation?

Perhaps many in our state want to recognize that there are folks that do now not trust that disorder simply randomly shoots right into a crowd and kills people. Yes, there are folks who trust that for the maximum component, many diseases are self-inflicted wounds and those who agree with this are choosing lifestyles which do now not lay the muse for the ailment.

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There are people in America who select no longer to use the flesh of animals as meals and consequently do not have the diseased blood of those creatures circulating all through their our bodies. There are many who do no longer consume among the food. Even extra interesting is the reality that there are those who restrict themselves to 2 food consistent with day and have their heaviest meal within the morning in place of just before bed. They use simplest culmination, grains, nuts, and veggies as a part of their nutritional routine even as excluding delicate or processed foods.

These humans even exercise regularly and drink masses of water. Some choose no longer to drink fluids with their meals because they realize fluid with food will interrupt digestion because the belly should absorb the liquid earlier than it may preserve with digestion. They drink only water or sometimes fruit or vegetable juices either sometime earlier than a meal or as a minimum 2 hours later on.

There are those who take advantage of the daylight because they realize that it increases or lowers blood stress, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol according to the body’s need and has many other useful outcomes. They aren’t terrified of pores and skin cancer due to the fact they have now not been consuming hydrogenated oils which promote the development of free radical cells that emerge as cancerous whilst uncovered to the radiation of the sun’s rays.

I don’t assume those human beings are going to stay very long on this country without at the end dealing with persecution due to the fact they’re even going around sharing important fitness statistics with other human beings in order that their lives may be improved as well. They promote a better nice of life for each person. The ultimate character who did this consistently and confirmed how it may be achieved were given Himself nailed to a pass.

There absolutely are human beings in America who stay healthful, sickness free lives and who are deciding on to go away the treasures of health as an inheritance to their kids. Instead of illnesses that “run in the family”, they may be passing on a way of life conduct that exempts their youngsters from the duty-assassinating, death sentence of genetic predisposition. Many of them believe in God and no longer Gov. To assist them. They pay for any unexpected clinical charges (injuries) out of their own pockets.

Now that medical health insurance is needed by means of regulation in Massachusetts and the worrying disposition of our flesh pressers is so clearly manifest, how will the selection-makers reward the ones who have no want and may in no way have to want of drug medication, surgical procedure or radiation? Will they furnish them limitless, free, no-clause twist of fate coverage in recognition of their faithfulness to the laws of fitness? It is enormously not likely. It isn’t always cutting-edge lawmaker “policy”.

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The healthcare crisis on this u. S . Has nourished many industries. While it tantalizes some with the promise of all-powerful health insurance it establishes for others perpetual wealth guarantee based totally upon the near positive unwillingness of many to take price in their health. Through clinical vocabulary intimidation and willful lack of awareness with some, many are satisfied that only doctors (not themselves) are certified to deal with their fitness troubles.

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