The property is the center of everything in Hong Kong today, just like it turned into 20 years in the past on the eve of the handover. Soon after the handover, fees collapsed, hitting rock backside within the spring of 2003. They have due to the fact clawed their way returned up, and a few. With the 20th anniversary of the handover now upon us, will records repeat itself?

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Is Hong Kong’s property marketplace heading for its biggest crash given that 1997?

The similarities among now and then are most effective pores and skin deep. In 1997, Hongkongers have been extremely constructive approximately the future. Foreigners agreed. The mantra was that China became set for an explosive boom, Hong Kong, being China’s window, will be the conduit for all of the money flowing to the mainland, and Hong Kong property could upward thrust and upward push on that money. Most bubbles arise because people were given carried away. Hong Kong in 1997 fell into that class.


When the Thai baht collapsed, it uncovered the problems inside the East Asian increase. When foreign money pulled out, the Hong Kong property market collapsed. It showed that hot cash becomes the motive force for Hong Kong’s property marketplace, no longer increase.

Hong Kong has never confronted up to this aggressive task. For years, mainland tourism kept the retail area afloat. But, is the destiny for Hong Kong teenagers to be shopkeepers?
Meanwhile, funding immigration juiced up the property market. It turned a whole era of children into assets agents harassing pedestrians within the posh shopping districts. The cutting-edge financial boom may be very tons pushed by Gray profits fleeing China. After 20 years, Hong Kong’s financial system hasn’t built a lasting basis.
The price of Hong Kong to China goes beyond statistics

This economic fragility is meditated in the famous pessimism nowadays, in assessment to the widespread optimism two a long time ago. Why, then, is there a assets bubble now?

Three forces have been at paintings.

First, after the property crumbles within the overdue Nineteen Nineties, the metropolis’s ruling elegance shrank deliver to prop up expenses. The preliminary plan to launch eighty-five,000 public apartments, a key issue of Tung Chee-Hwa’s housing program, changed into abolished. Minimum fees had been assigned to next land auctions, slicing supply in a low-price environment. Even the land marked for public housing changed into later sold to non-public builders. When incomes aren’t rising, slicing supply can growth prices.

The crumble of the bubble exposed an extra project dealing with Hong Kong’s economic system. The metropolis prospered on China being closed. Arbitraging on China’s inefficiencies became the muse of Hong Kong’s prosperity – being in Hong Kong provided a seat at the gravy educate. The Hong Kong government taxed the privilege via excessive property costs to fund itself.


With 3 days to head for a fee of assets tax without penal interest, GVMC has collected more than 1 / 4 of its demand for the modern-day yr.

To inspire early tax payment, five % tax incentive is given for charge of assets tax for the entire year inside the first month of the economic year. For charge after June 30, a simple interest of 2 % is levied.

The early foul incentive has spurred tax collection and while in comparison to remaining year the collection has long gone up by way of greater than ₹eleven crore, it’s far learned.

Till Monday, the gathering of assets tax changed into ₹56.5 crore against a collectible demand of ₹ 202 crores for the present day economic yr.

In contrast, the tax realized inside the corresponding period within the final financial yr become ₹forty five.17 crore.

It’s that five% incentive this is making all of the distinction. The realization of ₹ 31.02 crores as much as April 30 this 12 month is a lot higher than the ₹17.54 crore remaining year.

The payment by means of June 30 has been increasing via the yr in view of the penalty clause. In 2015-16, the collection up to June 30 changed into ₹31.75 crore however now reached ₹fifty six.Five crores with 3 days to head. With the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning in its initial degrees, series details are slow to come in, in line with sources.

With the ultimate day for the price without interest coming near the common fee changed into around ₹ 2 crores a day. “In the last 3 days we anticipate the gathering to top and contact ₹10 crore,” an official said.