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How Are Conveyors Beneficial

Conveyor systems are basically used for transporting material from one place to another with minimum effort. Also, these systems come in various types depending on different products or materials to be transported.

Specifications of conveyor :

  • Speed: Belt conveyors are usually measured in terms of ft/min. At the same time, powered roller conveyors explain the linear velocity in the same units to a package, carton, etc., which can be moved over these rollers.
  • Capacity: The capacity of the conveyor is measured by the throughput that is put up with bulk and powdered materials. It is generally given as volume per unit time, for example, cubic feet/minute.
  • Location of drive: Drives might be located in various places on conveyor systems. The center drives are mostly mounted below the system, and its length and are not always located at the actual center of the conveyor.
  • Frame: Frame configuration is basically the shape of a conveyor. They can be either straight, curved, z-shaped, etc.

Different conveyors are manufactured, suiting the type of work to be done. Basically, these conveyors have different capacities depending on the different needs of people. The loading capacity of these conveyors also relies upon their ability to handle it.,

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Types of conveyors:

Belt conveyors:

  • These material handling systems use continuous belts to convey products or materials. Between the two end pulleys, the belt is adjusted in an endless loop with a loop underneath.
  • The belt is made up of various materials depending upon the condition under which the belt would actually operate. Most commonly used belting materials include rubber, plastic, leather, fabric, and metal. To transport something heavier and stronger, a conveyor belt is used.
  • Belt conveyors can be easily operated at many speeds, usually depending upon the throughput. You can use these conveyors horizontally or in an inclined way.

Roller conveyors:

  • Roller conveyors use parallel conveyors attached to the frames to convert the product through gravity or manually. The main specifications of this roller are the diameter of the roller and axle center dimensions.
  • These conveyors are probably used for material handling such as baggage handling, docks loading, and many others.
  • These conveyors are usually straight or curved depending upon the application of the conveyor and floor space available. Also, the rollers use gravity to move the product if inclined and manually in case it is mounted horizontally.

Slat conveyors:

  • Slat conveyors use plates made up of steel, wood, and other materials, which are mounted on roller chains for conveying the product. These plates allow the conveyor to bear any heavyweight. Also, the slats are not overlapped or interlocked.
  • These slat conveyors are used to move huge and heavy objects like crates, drums, or pallets. The slats can bear any heavy load and have a long life, but any other conveyor not made for heavy substances might wear out when exposed to heavy materials.
  • Slat conveyors are manufactured in different sizes, and various loading capacities and such systems are also powered.
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