The entry-degree version is the BlackBerry 8520, that’s to be had for less than £150 on Pay as you Go, or unfastened on an agreement for £15 according to month. This makes it inexpensive to most of the people, and the 8520 is unsurprisingly the largest-selling BlackBerry of the moment. The 8520 seems simply as smart as the rest of the family, and that’s truly one in all its attractions. The other major appeal is the extremely good QWERTY keyboard, which is right for texting or using Facebook & Twitter. The 8520 does the entirety that you’d anticipate from a present-day telephone too. It has a digital camera, even though it’s just 2 megapixels and not using a flash or autofocus, even though it could file movies. It has a media player, but no FM radio. The telephone has a first rate-sized 2.Five inch display screen, which makes it exceptional and smooth to apply. There’s no GPS on this basic version, however, memory is enough at 256MB plus the potential to feature a microSD reminiscence card for added storage. The 8520 does not have 3G, however, otherwise connectivity is exceptional with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There are no sizable downsides to the 8520 and it isn’t unexpected that it becomes one of this large seller. It’s thoughts for teens or everybody wanting a versatile communications tool that doesn’t price the earth.

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Moving up in fee barely we find the BlackBerry Curve 3G, which retails for more like £one hundred eighty, despite the fact that on the agreement you may find a few super deals. This looks very just like a premium version of the 8520, that is precisely what it’s far. It has a totally comparable QWERTY keyboard and stocks all of the benefits of the 8520. The digicam is similar to the 8520: 2 megapixels without a flash or autofocus, which means that it’s very primary, and over again there is a very good media player even though no FM radio. The Curve 3G does come prepared with a GPS receiver, but, which may be used with BlackBerry Maps to locate your place. As its name suggests, the Curve 3G is 3G-enabled, giving you the benefit of quicker net access in a 3G place. This could be beneficial for browsing the net, gaining access to Facebook and sending or receiving emails. As nicely as 3G, the Curve 3G has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Onboard memory is again 256MB with a slot for a microSD memory card. Who can purchase the Curve 3G? Someone who doesn’t mind paying extra for the benefits of 3G and GPS.

At a comparable charge stage, we also discover the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. The Pearl is the handiest model inside the variety that lacks a QWERTY keyboard. Instead, it has an ordinary alphanumeric keypad and makes use of a characteristic referred to as SureType to help conquer the constraints of the constrained keypad. Most owners of the telephone appear to like this setup, despite the fact that the Pearl 3G has proved to be a way less famous than the fashions with complete keyboards. The blessings of the design are that it means that the keys are larger (useful when you have massive hands!) and the overall phone length is smaller. Featurewise, the Pearl 3G may be very just like the Curve 3G, even though it has a smaller screen. The camera is higher, with a three.2 megapixel decision and autofocus, but still no flash. The media player and GPS are similar to the Curve 3G, as are the memory and connectivity. Compared with the other fashions, the Pearl 3G hasn’t been as popular.

Moving up the fee scale quite extensively to the £25 in line with month settlement stage, we discover the fantastic BlackBerry Bold 9780, the present day in the extremely a hit Bold collection for commercial enterprise users. This is an actual commercial enterprise workhorse, with a terrific QWERTY keyboard and premium substances. Build first-class is tremendous. Although the display screen length of 2.4 inches is not any larger than the less expensive fashions, the display decision has been significantly extended, making it feasible to match extra-textual content on the display, and the font size may be controlled by using the user.

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The 9780 additionally runs the latest BlackBerry 6 working system, making it less difficult to use with clearer menus and better web surfing. There is a complete assist for push e-mail, such as corporate email security and aid for attachments. The Bold has some of the workplace programs pre-established, and more can be downloaded as required. The equipment stage of the Bold 9780 far exceeds that of the entry-level models. For example, the digital camera has a five-megapixel sensor, with autofocus and an LED flash, plus video recording. GPS is present, with BlackBerry Maps. As properly as a 3G connection, even faster net get admission to is possible the use of HSPA to reach download speeds of 3.6Mbps, which is equal to domestic broadband. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and a 3.5mm headphone jack are also protected. The onboard reminiscence is a generous 512MB and a 2GB card is included, which can be changed through a bigger card if required. The battery existence of the Bold is also more, thanks to the inclusion of a large 1500 mAh battery. Of course, all of those features come at a rate, and the device is bigger and heavier too, but for strength users, this is nearly actually the BlackBerry of desire.

At the very top of the pyramid sits the BlackBerry Torch, a groundbreaking phone with a unique design. This is BlackBerry’s first cellphone with a slide layout, and it also functions a hint screen consumer interface. The touch display is offered whilst the cellphone is closed, and the entire keyboard turns into available by pushing the slide open. As well as being a “cool” smartphone to apply, the layout has realistic advantages, making it feasible for the Torch to have a larger display than any of the alternative models we have listed. At 3.2 inches in length, the display may not compete with high-end Android smartphones, however, it’s a large enough size for a touchscreen, specifically because it has a complete bodily keyboard further. Except for the radical layout, the Torch shares much in commonplace with the Bold 9780. Most of the capabilities present inside the Bold are here within the Torch too, consisting of the BlackBerry 6 working system.

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The important difference in the specifications is that the Torch has a miles larger 8GB of integrated memory. It’s additionally a heavier cell phone, weighing a completely chunky 161g. The Torch is an exact departure for BlackBerry. Conservative enterprise users will probably choose the safety of the Bold, however, those searching out a piece more style without compromising on functionality will respect the aesthetics of the Torch.