5 Tips for Designers New to WordPress

If you haven’t jumped on the WordPress wagon via now, you’ve virtually missed plenty. Don’t fear; it’s never too overdue to join. If you’re a designer (be it a picture or the web) and you’re considering switching to WordPress, here are a few recommendations to help designers new to WordPress.

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1. Decide If You Can Handle PHP Code

I don’t recognize if that is true for most designers. However, I feel the biggest hurdle they face when they turn out to be WordPress designers is code. I don’t forget this being a trouble for me again in the day after I first got my hands dirty with WordPress design. Still, I’d had some coding revel in with Java and C earlier than I have become interested in WordPress layout, as a way PHP wasn’t a monster. Maybe because of this, it’s difficult for me to understand how a dressmaker, especially a web dressmaker, who has to be acquainted with code like HTML and CSS, can freak out at the sight of PHP code.


However, I recognize many designers who are better designers than me, who sincerely can’t cope with this horrible PHP monster. For example, this article explains why WordPress code (and WordPress itself) is manner too much for a few picture designers.

So, if you are going to be a WordPress fashion designer, you need to analyze a few PHP. Of path, you could do without it if you work intently with a WordPress developer. You can usually expect them for help. However, you may easily emerge depending on them.

On the alternative hand, the fact that many designers are learning to code doesn’t suggest you have to try this properly. If you sincerely hate code, you don’t need to force yourself to do something you’re not enthusiastic about.

You need to decide if jumping into WordPress design is a good concept or not. After all, even if you pressure yourself into doing it, just because each person is doing it, it might turn out there that there may be too much pain and no longer so much benefit. This is absolutely unnecessary.

2. Get Familiar with the Structure of a WordPress Theme and the Way WordPress Functions

After you’ve bravely determined you may handle some (or more than some) PHP code, the next step is to get familiar with the shape of a WordPress subject matter and how WordPress features in widespread. Fortunately, there are lots of records approximately this.

For example, this puts up is a nice and smooth advent to the internals of a WordPress topic. While you gained emerge as a subject matter guru after analyzing it, it’s a good starting point. You can also need to test this reference for greater details on WordPress CSS.

3. Check the WordPress-precise CSS

If you come from net layout, then you must already recognize a few CSS. The appropriate news is that the maximum of this information is reusable. The CSS you know from static websites is the equal you’ll use with WordPress in different phrases.

However, there’s also WordPress-specific CSS you couldn’t do without. Check out this tutorial for more facts about CSS instructions and IDs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive guide on the subject really because there’s a variety of theme-specific CSS you want to find out on your own.

If CSS is too much for you, there are drag and drop frameworks. However, my honest opinion is that they are no longer for professional designers. These frameworks are appropriate for the short and grimy job; however, if you want to create real designs, there is without a doubt no manner to do it without manually coding CSS.

4. Examine the Internals of Existing Themes

One of the satisfactory approaches to learning WordPress design is by examining the internals of current themes. The key here is to pick exact themes – you’re no longer going to analyze from the awful designers.

I am not going to recommend a selected subject matter because this is very subjective. Rather, I could propose going to the authentic WordPress Theme Directory and downloading a gaggle of the famous themes. Install them and check them, and in case you’re pleased with the appearance and sense of a selected subject matter, then you may begin dissecting it and learning.

5. Read a Lot approximately WordPress

WordPress is ever-changing, and if you need to stay on top of it, you do want to examine lots. New WordPress versions are being released all the time. If you add plugins and themes to this, there are loads to follow. Of course, it’s not realistic to expect you’ll realize the whole thing about WordPress (you don’t want to), but you do want to follow at least the foremost modifications.

If you experience WordPress, you’ll most likely experience reading about it as properly. In addition to WordPress blogs, WordPress boards are another resource to test. These are wonderful locations to alternate ideas and enjoy with other WordPress designers. In a good WordPress forum, which includes those at WordPress.Org or WordPress.Com, you could analyze lots by reading the questions different designers, builders, or everyday users are posting.

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