Nitrox Scuba Diving, & Two Dive Computer Reviews

Hi parents, we could first talk about Nitrox Scuba Diving and why nitrox is not important. Then we’re going to get into the high-quality Dive Computers available on the market nowadays, the Oceanic Atom 2.0 and the Dive Rite Trio Technical Computer.

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Every one of us has breathed nitrox. Nitrox means a mix of nitrogen and oxygen, and the word “nitrox” doesn’t inform the relationship of those factors. So air is nitrox, too, because it includes (essentially) nitrogen (seventy-eight %) and oxygen (21%)…And a touch bit of hint elements like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, smog, arsenic, cigarette smoke, and many others…The base of the word nitrox is the expression Nx/Ox, in which N is the chemical signal of nitrogen and O is the chemical sign of oxygen. So, for example, N(50)O(50) could be 50% oxygen. So basically, nitrox can be any blend of nitrogen and oxygen-containing 1 to ninety-nine % of oxygen (and the rest is nitrogen).

Equipped with all of the usual dive computer features, the Atom 2. Zero measures temperature, intensity, dive time, and no-decompression limits over more than one dive. It will feature paintings with air and nitrox and could function in normal time mode while you’re not underwater. It also can be used in gauge and loose-diving modes with adjustments for altitude—the Atom 2. Zero is consumer changeable among Metric and Imperial.

Air Integration

Using up to a few transmitters, the Atom 2.0 can simultaneously reveal the tank pressure of 3 unique tanks, permitting it to act as 3 SPGs in a single. The Atom 2. Zero can also be operated in pal mode to allow the computer to experiment for and show the air pressure of some other transmitter inside four-6 ft of the computer. This is an exceptional manner to preserve a watch on the closing air of both your friend or pupil.

Multiple-Gas Mixes

The Atom 2. Zero can cope with up to three distinct gas mixes containing 21-100% oxygen or even allows you to replace gases during the dive. This feature makes it mainly appealing to deep and technical divers.

User-Replaceable Battery

This is one large gain that the Atom 2. Zero has over its competition. The laptop is powered by a CR2430 battery that may be effortlessly purchased at an everyday watch keep and replaced through the user. This is a big-time and cost saver that helps the Atom 2. Zero stands proud of the percent.

Dive Logging

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The Atom 2. Zero comes with a USB interface and OceanLog PC software program to allow dives to be effortlessly logged to your pc. The software program lets you upload additional statistics on your logs to preserve track of dive sites, dive buddies, and notes. The dive records are easily formatted for clean reference, sorting, and printing. Unfortunately, the software program is the handiest to be had for PC.

Its Hitler has informed oceanic that they have obtained isolated reports that two Atom 2. Zero dive computers locked into the Gas Switch-to display screen and did not return to the Main Dive display screen. At the same time, the divers switched the gadgets from Gas 1 to Gas 2 at some point in dives when they were most effective using one transmitter, and Pressure related to Gas 2 become being furnished by way of an Analog Gauge.

You have to discontinue all diving activities with this computer until Oceanic has finished a software program improvement, your neighborhood Authorized Oceanic Retailer, or sending it to lower back to us. So watch out whilst buying this pc used. If you make this purchase, seriously consider shopping for a brand new unit.

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