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Semi Truck Camera for Your Vehicles: Fleet Surveillance Insights

Whether you decide to buy dashboard cameras with sensors to record special occurrences or GPS-enabled cameras that transmit data in real time for your semi-trucks, you are headed in the right direction of properly managing your fleet. Many fleet solution providers are ready to recommend the most useful semi truck camera, carry out the installation, and conduct routine management for you especially if the camera is GPS enabled.

As a fleet manager or owner, it is crucial for you to have some background knowledge about the semi truck camera and how it works. And this article will give you the right insights.

How a Semi Truck Camera Works

A modern semi truck camera is highly sophisticated with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS capability. Some even have the dual capability to record both the road ahead and the cabin. So, as the camera records, the footage can be accessed remotely by the fleet managers and owners through an IP address.

The camera also shows the location of the footage since it has a GPS capability. Hence, the camera eliminates the need for another separate GPS tracker especially if it is certified to be reliable.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the semi truck camera also records and stores the footage for backup. So, it comes with either a memory card or a slot to insert a memory card.

How to Buy a Semi Truck Camera

If you are interested in buying a semi truck camera for your fleet, navigate here to see popular products stocked by a reliable seller. Also take note of the following things.

· Integrated technology – Before installing one, ensure that integrated technology meets your needs. For instance, a duo recording camera is great for semi trucks since it allows managers to know what is happening ahead on the road and view the driver’s behavior at the same time.

· Video quality – Today, most of these cameras are 1080p because this balances between quality and smooth functionality. The footage will be clear, but it will not take long to stream.

· Durability – This depends on the company that has manufactured the camera. But make sure that the camera is sturdy and made of durable materials. With this, you can rest assured that it will last longer especially if fastened well.

Benefits of a Semi Truck Camera

Some fleet companies use continuous recording, while others use event-triggered recording or driver behavior-triggered recording. No matter the setting, the semi truck camera will come in handy when solving disputes involving drivers, accidents, theft, or any other issue. It is also a way to ensure that your vehicles have complied with standards that have been set by the company.

Another benefit is keeping tabs on driver behavior to increase productivity and reduce costs. When drivers know that their bosses are watching, they will avoid unnecessary idling, diverting goods, or using incorrect and long routes.


Well, the facts are now clear about a semi truck camera. Make sure that you have chosen the best and that it is installed by experts. You will enjoy many benefits and save a lot of money in your fleet company.

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