The 6 Best New Android Apps And Games

The telephone you have now is probably extra powerful than a supercomputer from the early 90s. However, that won’t do you any suitable unless you have got a cool software program for it to run. You need the right apps and video games. The trouble, even though, is identifying which of the many new titles within the Play Store are worth a while. Well, here they are. After many hours of toil and trying out, these are the best new apps and games you could get on Android proper now.

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Firefox Focus (Free)

The trend currently has been for browsers to do as many things as viable. However, it really is now not what Firefox Focus is ready. This browser runs on the identical engine as different variations of Firefox, but it eschews things like extensions, tabs, and even bookmarks in the name of privacy.

When you open Firefox Focus, all you have is a search/address bar. That opens an unmarried tab, and that is all you get. There’s additionally a notification that does the identical. You can use the floating motion button at any time whilst browsing to close the page and clear facts.

Focus defaults to blocking all commercials and most trackers. You can close this option off within the menu if that breaks a page, but a maximum of the time, it just makes pages load quicker and use fewer statistics. And of the path, there’s the privacy issue. Firefox Focus is unfastened to download.

Neon Chrome ($9.99)

There were lots of top-down shooters on Android. However, I assume Neon Chrome is the exceptional one but. This comes from the developers of the brilliant Crimsonland, and it takes the dual-stick shooter style to a new vicinity with randomly generated ranges, exceptional replayability, and deep customization.


Your purpose in Neon Chrome is to combat your manner through 20-something levels to take out the Overseer. This is a tough sport, so assume to die lots at the beginning. Each time you die, it’s sport over. However, you may use the credits earned to enhance your man or woman for the subsequent run. The sport does not get stale, both. All the ranges are randomly generated, and diverse character instructions and perks inspire you to strive for exceptional techniques to victory.

Neon Chrome has a rad cyberpunk style with lots of neon hues (duh), lighting results, and a cool man or woman layout. It’s a costly recreation at $10. However, it is so well worth the rate.

Adobe Scan (Free)

You do not need a scanner anymore; you have a phone. Well, you want an app to make your digital camera act like a scanner, too. Numerous correct apps do that, but the new Adobe Scan is probably the satisfactory one yet. To experiment with a file, just set it down and factor your digicam at it. Adobe Scan mechanically reveals the rims and captures the image.

You can add as many pages as you want to a document, and the app is perfect, approximately knocking down, sprucing, and transforming the pictures into something vaguely page-shaped. You can manually re-adjust the crop if you want, but Adobe Scan is great at doing all of it routinely.

The documents you create with Adobe Scan can be instantly exported as a PDF, or you could add them to the Adobe Creative Cloud. The app also runs textual content reputation on the documents you scan, making them searchable thru the Acrobat app. Not bad for a unfastened app.

Android Pay was released at the end of May in Canada; however, at the time, American Express was listed as “coming later this summer” in phrases of assist. AmEx users didn’t must wait lengthy, it turns out, due to the fact Guide just went live for their credit score cards in Android’s cellular payments platform in the United States.

AmEx joins a respectable listing of essential Canadian banks, in addition to MasterCard, Visa, and Interac debit. There are nevertheless a few important Canadian banking holdouts, which include TD and Royal Bank. However, I’m pretty satisfied with the American Express addition since I can eventually use it in stores and in-app for bills.

It’s useless simple to set up, after which you could pay simply by using tapping your smartphone at contactless price terminals, just in time to hit the Beer Store or the LCBO in advance of the coming Canada Day weekend (that become all mystery code solely designed for Canadian readers and ex-pats).

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