The Definitive List of WordPress Theme Frameworks

SitePoint already has an extended listing of articles on WordPress topic frameworks; however, as you’ll see, there are dozens of frameworks obtainable, all with their personal strengths and weaknesses and catering to special kinds of improvement.

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Introduction to WordPress Theme Frameworks

I was sitting in my workplace, scratching my head, thinking about WordPress topic frameworks. It is overdue. I’ve been learning about this article for days, weeks, even months and thinking about what to jot down; this is distinct and particular to the opposite writing patterns about frameworks.

Lost in my thoughts, I had a mind wave. It came about to me that once people write approximately WordPress frameworks, they generally tend to cover the simplest the principle ones, … the ones that the developers for your neighborhood WordPress Meetup network focus on. Frameworks like Genesis, Thesis, or WooCommerce.

Why is that? Maybe they didn’t look tough sufficient, or perhaps they didn’t need to put in writing about frameworks that could die off (or are no longer evolved). Or perhaps they had a tight cut-off date and defaulted to the top-ranking ones from the search engines like google. Who is aware of it? I need to be extraordinary! Yeah, that’s right, sit down lower back, snatch a coffee. I’m going to take you thru a Definitive Guide to WordPress Frameworks.


Why definitive? Definitive means “completed or reached decisively and with authority. Synonyms: conclusive, final, last”. I’m now not going to prevent at one, two, or maybe ten frameworks. As I stated, I’ve been getting to know this for a while. The listing is huge. There are pretty a few right here that a lot of you could or might not have heard of. But that’s adequate for the cause sharing and getting to know from every other. You may also discover a framework here that you need to contribute to or recommend one who’s no longer listed.

Are you ready? Here we pass!

What Defines a Theme Framework or What Is a WordPress Theme Framework?
Before diving into the listing, I need to cool a few heritage into subject matter frameworks. After all, this may be the primary article you’ve ever examine about topic frameworks, and I don’t want you to be omitted. If you’re a veteran of frameworks, you could bypass down underneath the long list of frameworks. A theme framework is largely a Parent Theme wherein an improvement team or person developer would create to provide some capability that might make it easy to update and reuse on many websites without affecting the design of character sites. A Child Theme could then be created to create the custom fashion sheet. However, the capability could be left up to the principle framework.

On an aspect observe, this doesn’t suggest that every discern topic is, in truth, a framework. There are template vendors accessible that offer determines issues with many loads of infant theme variations, however then don’t use that identical code base on their subsequent determined subject (they let you know it’s a framework, whilst technically it’s now not).

Over at the WordPress repository, they ruin down 3 meanings for the term “Theme Frameworks” drop-in, stand-alone, and Parent Theme template; it’s pretty hard to define it any simpler, and I recommend you’ve got a study over it someday.

Theme Frameworks WordPress Codex

For the functions of this newsletter, I’m going to pay extra attention to the final one, Parent Theme Templates. This is the most common form recognized by the greater improvement network and most people.

Different Types of Theme Frameworks

Frameworks are available in many forms and tackle one-of-a-kind factors of commercial enterprise and layout. Some are unfastened and a few paid.

There are predominant frameworks that might be universal, in the reality that they don’t goal anyone specific area of interest but cover broad multifunctional factors of any industry, supporting net designers and developers global wide provide advanced websites with quicker turnaround and construct expenses, by leveraging those code frameworks.

Some of these frameworks had been built over many years with limitless hundreds of hours of improvement to construct out widespread, extraordinarily well documented, and supported frameworks.

Some superior capabilities of these frameworks are the allowance for frontend drag and drop editors, backend drag and drop, shortcodes built for plenty of devices and layouts.

It’s no marvel why internet companies love the usage of frameworks.

My modern preferred framework is the SEO Design Framework, built to help rank you higher.

Why Use a Framework?

It’s an excellent question, why use a WordPress framework?

While you may think that you could never really need to construct your personal framework, you can have already used a framework without, in reality, realizing it. Frameworks like Genesis and WooFramework, Thesis, at the moment, are so commonplace that you can almost be forgiven (or, as a minimum, forgive a newbie) that it was a part of WordPress core.

Let’s take this situation. Noel Tock built websites for the hospitality industry niche. Building his personal framework turned into an advantage to him, so he may want to supply top-notch initiatives to his clients and continually add fee and optimize it for overall performance without the bloat of different features that his clients will never want.

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