The Smart Watch Revolution: Time for Your Wrists to Get Smarter

Dick Tracy changed into a famous comedian e-book character way again in the Forties. One issue which made the detective apart from the opposite comedian book characters of his time became his sound know-how in the era. The -manner communicative watch telephone turned into one of the gadgets which have been an ordinary character in all of his comics. Probably the Dick Tracy comic ebook became the precursor to what we understand as the clever watch nowadays.

Smart Watches: Treading thru Time

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We belong at the juncture where the thin line between technology fiction and technological know-how is getting blurred. We are watching for the smartwatches or the watch telephone to become a reality within a few days. There have been times of the prototype of those watch phones way again inside the Nineteen Seventies with the aid of Japanese watch manufacturers just like the Seiko. These prototypes ought to compute, however, at a totally superficial level.

These watches have made their dominance mainly inside the secret agent movies as a vital device for espionage. But those concepts with evolving technology became buried underneath the sands of time. At the beginning of this millennium, there were flickers approximately this generation. At the same time, IBM got here up with a Linux-based totally prototype for this form of a watch, collaborating with the Citizen Watch Company. But the idea was taken off from the drawing tables till nowadays.

Today in 2013, we see a completely extraordinary photograph. The cellular smartphone giants are bent on giving the idea of the watch phone a massive makeover this 12 months. Be it Apple, Google, Samsung, or Sony, they’re arising with their personal logo of smartwatches that can take a marketplace share from the already installed tablets. This article will recognize the style of avatars of clever watches from one-of-a-kind generation giants together with Apple, Samsung, and Sony.

Smart Watches: What to count on from them

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Priced at a hefty $299, the Samsung Galaxy Gear has several capabilities that would simply appeal to both the Android person and nonusers alike. Packed with a 1.6 inches picture viewer that could produce 320 x 320 pixels resolutions, this clever watch has several things to offer to the users. The watch shows vibrant colorings and high contrast. With a built-in microphone and speakers, the customers might have the ability to speak immediately with the assist of the watch. Armed with a 1.9 Megapixel digicam and 720p HD video recorder would be vital for the pictures enthusiast.

With an in-built 4GB reminiscence garage area, this watch can easily run small local apps that are essential for the moment. With inbuilt Intelligent Personal Assistance and S Voice, the user can easily deliver voice commands on the move. This contraption would surely allow mobile application developers to build extra apps specially catering to the watch.

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Apple’s model of the clever watch remains at the rumor level. There has been a talk about a tool being produced in the Apple labs which looks like a wristband, and it runs on the iOS software program. The tool is rumored to be well-matched with now not most effective our personal desktops but different gadgets which can be yet to come. But one aspect is positive that the watch would be strolling on iOS7 or a higher model of Apple OS. As it’s far nonetheless in its pre-natal stage, it is much to be predicted from Apple technology. Hypothetically speak me, Apple would be incorporating several of its flagship merchandise into the watch. Till now, not anything has been discovered.


The Pebble is a package that contains e-mail and message notifications, SMS and incoming calls, calendar reminders, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Google Voice to call some. Coming with a 1.26-inch e-paper show, Pebble is considered one of the largest contenders towards the clever smartphone giants, including Sony, Samsung, and possibly, Apple. Tat nOne of the biggest benefits of this clever tool is that it can get acclimatized with both Android and Apple.

Users have the prerogative of installing 0.33-celebration Android or iOS programs into their pebbles. However, it does no longer have a fixed microphone attached to it. It acts greater like a notification terminal. With a constructed pedometer, this is virtually a have-to-have for fitness enthusiasts.

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With so many smartwatches on the function, the conventional watchmakers are also taking a plunge into this changing fashion. They have become over the advertising myopia inculcated with the aid of conventional watch-making and taking the bandwagon alongside the current watchmakers. So a few closing words before completing-handiest time will tell the story.

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