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What to Do When Chrome Wants to Update — however Can’t

Q. I get a message after I open Chrome and use Gmail or Facebook every day that announces that my Chrome model is out of date and that I want to improve. When I visit Chrome to test the model, it says I even have the brand new one. Why do I keep getting those messages?

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A. Update hiccups with Google Chrome can appear for some of the motives, but start by checking that your laptop’s operating system meets the requirements for the latest version of the browser. For the current version of Chrome, you need Windows 7, Mac OS X 10. Nine (Mavericks) or 64-bit variations of the most important Linux distributions (like Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, or Fedora) that had been launched within the past few years.

If your working system is old, Chrome may have moved on without it. Windows users ought to check the browser’s Properties container to make sure this system isn’t set to run in compatibility mode for an advanced gadget model. Those using Chrome on an office network may be at the mercy of the company I.T. Department as to when updates can actually be hooked up on business enterprise computer systems. Firewall settings and other security software could also save you Chrome from updating well.


Adware or malware may be another source of trouble, with variations of the “Urgent Chrome Update” pop-up plaguing some users because it attempts to hijack the browser. Scanning your device with antivirus and antimalware software may additionally root out the supply of the messages.

If none of those troubles seems to be causing the hassle, uninstalling the browser and reinstalling it with a sparkling reproduction would possibly contend with the situation. You can get the brand new model of Google Chrome at www.Google.Com/chrome. Be positive to restart once you install the software.

Despite the stress on a digital financial system, digitization is almost non-existent within the Indian real estate area. This enterprise that is expected to touch $ one hundred eighty billion via 2020, invests less than 1% of its general sales into generation.

And to change this dynamic is start-united states seeking to leverage era, to help construct answers for reality.

“Technology can disrupt innovation in actual estate,” says John Kuruvilla, chief mentor, Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Programme (REAP).

While massive actual-property projects typically take 20% longer to finish and run 80% beyond price range (McKinsey estimates), technologically sound tactics crafted by begin-u.S.Can stem the demanding situations, experience professionals.

According to April Nahata, mentor-in-residence, Brigade REAP, technology in realty can affect smart groups, sustainable homes, deliver chain logistics, cleantech, and many others. “Like in other sectors, digital reviews, in reality, can deliver seamless, real-time reviews.”

Emerging begin-u.S.RealTech is channelizing data analytics, Internet-of-Things (IoT), cloud, etc., to construct scalable answers for the development business that could assist agencies in improving efficiencies, optimizing fees, and supply within budgets as on time.

From a startup like Natura, which focuses on vertical gardens, which can reduce the want for air-conditioning, and improve job productiveness, to the IoT-based parking answer start-up Parke, marketers are growing enterprise answers to healthy the more than one needs of real property.

Shampa Ganguly of Parke has helped devise a sensor that tracks parking occupancy, assists proprietors of parking plenty, monetizes their available area, and decreases drivers’ parking woes. “The sensor (which is related to the cloud) tracks information on parking availability. Through an app, records on parking availability in a selected region are then shared with drivers and automobile-proprietors trying to park.” She adds that PParke will work with clever-town initiatives in India. “We can even make bigger foreign places to some distance East and South-East Asia.”

Providing some other cloud-based totally way to real property is N Ramaswamy, coping with the director of DesignSense Software Technologies. Their product Ayoga is a cloud-based totally collaboration platform to assist realty companies to get attuned with the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act. “The equipment in Ayoga streamline venture making plans, documentation, site execution, venture communique, all in actual-time,” says Ramaswamy.

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