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5 Tips to Maintain Laser Cutting Machines

Most of the people wear glasses regularly and you all know how quickly they get dirty and foggy. While many of us are happy to walk around with hazy glasses, others may clean it to improve the visibility at specific intervals.

Similar is the case with laser or metal cutting machines. When you begin to cut a workpiece, the laser light passes through an optical window to reach that piece for cutting it, and if that optical window is unclean, it may hinder the laser light from passing through it entirely. A dirty window affects the quality of the beam, leading to the irregularities in the cutting process. Therefore, to keep the machines in working condition, laser machine maintenance is a must.

Although optics and passing of the laser beam is an essential part of the machine, yet proper maintenance involves more than just considering the window cleaning.

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Importance of Maintaining Laser Machines

If we talk about the general maintenance of various things, you know how important it is, since without regular maintenance machines can breakdown, dirt may reside and there is a possibility of jamming.

Especially if you are the owner of a warehouse, you are well aware of the fact that the work doesn’t end on buying machines for the warehouse and waiting for the outcomes. You must get involved, maintain those machines, follow a well-planned cleaning routine to enhance productivity. Otherwise, deliveries get dawdled, and tempers brawl.

Lack of maintenance definitely affect productivity and quality of the product, but if your machines are taken care of, they can save you from unwanted stress and repair work. If your laser cutting machines are looked after carefully, they will function smoothly, cuts faster, cleaner and more precisely.

Tips to Maintain Laser Cutting Machines

1) Ensure the air sources are clean- Most of the laser cutting machines use assist-gas like oxygen, nitrogen and shop gas to assist in cutting various types of materials like stainless steel, aluminum and mild sheets. You must make sure that the air used for assisting must be free from moisture and shouldn’t be compressed. One possible way of doing so is to maintain proper air pressure and air filtration.

2) Go for beam quality testing- Beam quality testing is mostly done with a beam analyser and regular test cuts to compare the quality of cuts with the previous ones.

3) Check your machine’s optics- If you are conducting any maintenance procedure, make sure that machines optics are returned to OEM specifications, or it might affect the quality of beam for cutting various materials and optic life.

4) Review the chiller performance- While using the machine, you must keep a check on the chiller’s temperature gauge since variation in its temperature during the operation can affect the performance of the machine. Moreover, keep the condenser coils and filters clean.

5) Ensure proper gas delivery- Sometimes, the leaks in the hose go unnoticed, or the pipes can be ruptured, leading to gas escape. Therefore, you must apply soap water to the resonators while cleaning as it helps in finding leaks in the gas pipes.

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